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10 Most Difficult Countries To Get a Visa. No. 8 Will Shock You!


Visa processing could be a grueling exercise in itself. But then, the entry requirements for some countries will make you question if that trip is worth it. If you have been denied a visa before, then you will know how frustrating that experience could be. This is why we provide you with a list of the ten most difficult countries to get a visa. Our listing should explain why people record the highest number of visa rejections in those countries and forestall future visa rejection. We will also highlight countries with rigid visa policies. One apparent reason could be the applicant’s inability to meet the visa entry requirements for those countries. Another could be due to the cluelessness of the applicant. And another reason could be due to the limited time one needs to process the visa application.


To reduce visa rejection risk, you have to take time to scrutinize the entry requirements for those countries you intend to visit. This will help you know if you will meet the requirements within a stipulated period. One of the secrets to avert Visa rejection is to begin the application process quite on time. This will enable you to provide all the requisite credentials that the Embassy requires. While the visa processing for some countries may be so easy, we still have the most difficult countries to get a visa.

When you apply for a visa in these ten most difficult countries below, prepare your mind for the worst-case scenario. This will help you allay the trauma that comes with visa rejection. Thus, as some countries like Singapore, Greece, UK, Sweden, and Germany bask in the euphoria of occupying the top spot in the global Visa ranking, the following countries boast of having the most difficult visa to obtain. Here are the 10 most difficult countries to get a visa:

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1. North Korea

North Korea is arguably one of the ten most difficult countries to get a visa. As a curious person who wants to have first-hand knowledge about the place he intends to visit, you will hear so many tales about the country. Some of these stories might be true and some are just meant to scare you. The entry requirement into North Korea is quite rigid and difficult for foreign nationals. The easiest way to gain entry into North Korea is by planning your voyage to pass through China to North Korea. While on your voyage, ensure to adhere strictly to the rules that bind travelers to this country. You are not allowed to develop any form of intimacy or engage in any form of interaction with North Korean citizens. You are not to speaking ill of their leader as the consequence might be grievous and unbearable for you. If you are caught entering to have entered the country illegally, the penalty will be excruciating. The North Korean Visa policy is more rigid to the USA and UK citizens. The visa policy makes it quite difficult for citizens of these countries to obtain a visa.

People’s study House, Pyongyang, North Korea.

2.  Russia

The Russian Visa policy is even more rigid than the countries with the most powerful Visas. The country’s entry requirements are so strict that getting a visa is a tug of war. Russia hardly allows visa-entry into the country. Even citizens of countries with the most powerful passports in the world will have to sweat it out to secure a Russian Visa. The visa application process is long and complicated. You will be required to provide detailed information about your travel history for the past ten years with dates. The application must be submitted by the applicant himself. The authentication of the application will be done by conducting a biometric examination to verify the identity of the applicant. You must ensure that the online application form is error-free before submission. You have to apply caution while filling the form to avert rejection. When you get your visa from the consulate, examine it thoroughly to ensure that the date on the visa tallies with your traveling date. The Russian embassy will stop at nothing to frustrate you if the information is not in line with your traveling plans. Aside, that, the cost of a visa is quite exorbitant compared to other countries’ visas.

The Language barrier poses another challenge and the application process takes longer days. You will have to endure the inconvenience of staying without your passport for about 20 business days. You must have to provide proof of accommodation as one of the requirements for visa application. Before you begin your visa application, ensure you come fully prepared.

Oka River in Oryol, Russia
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3. China

China is one of the ten most difficult countries to get a visa. Lately, the Chenes Visa policy has become so rigid that foreign nationals find getting a visa a herculean task. The Chinese embassy requires that visitors provide certain credentials. This is in addition to the regular requirements which are, flight ticket proof of having booked hotel accommodation, etc.

You will have less difficulty obtaining a visa for visits that do not exceed thirty days. But if you are obtaining a visa for visits longer than 30 days, you will find it quite difficult especially when your destination is western china. You will need to provide your itinerary that gives a detailed breakdown of all your activities throughout your stay in the country. You are only allowed to apply for this visa in your home country or your country of permanent residence. In most of the Chinese embassies (including the UK), Visa applications are only submitted by face to face appointments. You are advised to begin the application process quite on time to enable you to meet up with the next appointment. Chinese Visa processing can be such a grueling exercise due to the long procedures involved. The applicants are presented with an outrageous list of documents as the requirements for the visa application. The long procedures involved in getting a Chinese visa makes the country to join the list of the ten most difficult countries to get a visa. However, some foreign nationals are allowed to enter the country visa-free for 72 days.  But they will have to pass through the difficult process of obtaining a visa for longer visits.

Zhangjiajie, China

4. Iran

The Iran visa application process has always been a difficult one right from time. The complicated procedures involved makes it quite difficult for foreign nationals to obtain an Iran visa without breaking a sweat. Recently, efforts have been made to make the process less complex. Amidst the difficulty involved in getting an Iranian visa, Nigerian passport holders can visit Iran without a visa and stay for 30 days. it sounds interesting, right? Nigerian visitors have the option of either applying for a Visa which takes only five days to process or travel and get a visa on arrival. The Nigerian visitor has the leverage to extend his stay in the country by renewing his visa before its expiry date. Failure to do this will attract a fine for staying beyond the normal date. Apart from Nigeria, the following foreign nationals are granted visa-free entry into the country:

  • Georgia
  • Amenia
  • Syria
  • Azerbaijan,
  • Bolivia
  • Venezuela
  • Malaysia
  • Turkey
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Iran also grants visa-free privileges to foreign nationals who intend to visit Kish Island. Visitors who travel on this condition are to remain there until the expiration of their visit. Most of the countries are allowed to visit Iran and get a visa upon arrival at their destination. But the following countries are not allowed to enter the country without securing a visa:

  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • India
  • USA
  • Bangladesh
  • Iraq
  • Colombia
  • Nepal
  • Jordan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Somalia
  • Pakistan.

the Iran visa policy stipulates that travelers who have visited Israel in the last six months should not be allowed entry into the country. Those who are visiting Iran on Visa on arrival will be required to provide the following:

  • proof of sufficient funds that will sustain him throughout his stay in the country.
  • Proof of having paid for hotel accommodation.
  • A return ticket
  • Host contact
  • Travel insurance.

To enable you to apply for the Iranian visa ahead of time to allay the risk of visa denial, you will have to get a ‘visa code’ from a tour operator. However, travelers should have it at the back of their minds that the validity of this code does not exceed thirty days. So, the moment you secure the code, you are advised to brace up to and get your visa before the expiration date.

Shrubland Landscape, Iran.

5. Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Visa policy is strict and difficult to meet the requirement.  

 Saudi Arabian entry requirement is sexist.  This one of the reasons we are including it among the ten most difficult countries to get a visa.  The Saudi Arabian visa policy requires women who are traveling alone to provide a sponsor that will pick them up when they arrive at their destination.  The sponsor is also required to present his Saudi  Arabian Passport. Couples visiting Saudi Arabia must be married,  Otherwise, there will not be allowed entry into the country. Your visa application stands the risk of rejection when you are unable to provide a sponsor or marriage certificate. Your visa application will also be declined when there is an Israelite stamp on your passport.

However,  aside from the fact that the Saudi Arabian Visa policy is strict, the country is adorned with beautiful scenery, modern architecture,  and tourist attractive beaches.

Saudi. Bahrain Bridge, Saudi Arabia. Taken by AbulPhoto – Mohamed Ghuloom.
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6. Bhutan

This country is one of the countries with the strictest visa policies and entry requirements.    The visa application can only be submitted by a  Bhutanese travel agent.  The application process will have to take longer days compared to the online application.  The applicant must ensure that all the requirements are put in place before the commencement of the application.  The rigid Visa policy makes the country to be among the ten most difficult countries to get a visa. country, However,  aside from the fact that the country has strict entry requirements, Bhutan is one of the most fascinating places to visit. It is reckoned as the world’s first carbon-negative nation.

Paro Taksan, Bhutan

7. Turkmenistan

This is one of the countries with the most rigid entry requirements in the world.   You can only obtain a tourist visa when you are joining a tour. Another way you are eligible to get a tourist visa is by ordering a personal guide and completing all your hotel booking arrangements ahead of time. Before you get your visa, your tour guide will have to submit an invitation to the Turkistan immigration authority.  After that, you will have to wait for two to three weeks to get feedback before the commencement of your visa application.  In case your application is not declined, you will have to wait for another two weeks.  Upon arrival in the country, travelers will have to go through the stress of registering with the Turkmenistan state service. Visitors are also expected to feel an immigration card within three days of entry into the country.

Turkmenistan’s Archeological site.

8. Nigeria

  This west African country nicknamed the Giant of Africa has a lot to offer travelers. It is rich with cultural heritage and adorned with human and natural resources. However, the entry requirements for this country are not as friendly as the people who live in it.  The applicants will have to do a lot of paperwork as they will be required to submit a long list of documents. Travelers  need  the following  requirement  to apply for a  Nigerian tourist visa:

  • A letter of invitation from the host
  • Proof of having secured a hotel accommodation.
  • Proof of sufficient funds that will sustain you throughout your stay in Nigeria.
  • Proof of legal residency.
  • A letter of employment
  • The applicant must have to  do three deposits  to the following departments:
  • The Federal Republic of Nigeria (Online payment)
  • The visa application center ( Upon submission of application)
  • The Nigerian High Commission  ( via the post office  as  a postal order)

The virtue you need most while processing the  Nigerian Visa application is patience as the exercise can be so grueling.  The long process involved in getting a Nigerian visa makes it one of the ten most difficult countries to get a visa.

Lagos, Nigeria
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9. Pakistan

 To be eligible to apply for a  Pakistan visa, travelers must get a sponsor.  This sponsor can either be someone you know or a tourist company. The sponsor will have to submit an official letter of invitation by presenting detailed information about your relationship with him and your purpose of travel. you will also need to submit copies of your IDs, credentials, complete visa application, and proof of complete travel arrangement. The stress involved in getting a Pakistani visa makes one of the ten most difficult countries to get a visa.

10. Sudan

the Sudanese   Visa process requires a long procedure.  The applicant is expected to present an invitation letter endorsed by the ministry of foreign affairs. It might take up to thirty days for the letter to be delivered.  On this note, the applicant is advised to begin preparing ahead of time. You have to apply through an authorized Sudanese travel agent.  A great number of Sudanese travel agents are not committed and proactive. If you fall in the wrong hands, you will stand a greater risk of visa rejection as your application process might end up inconclusive. This is why you have to begin your application process quite on time to forestall rejection. The strict entry requirement makes Sudan one of the ten most difficult countries to get a visa.

Dangola, Sudan

The completion of your visa application is not a guarantee that you will get a visa.  After your visa application, the success or failure of your visa application is at the mercy of the embassy. It is only the embassy that determines your fate at this time. On another note, should you be denied a visa, the embassy owes you no explanation.

Aside from the exhilarating moment of being given the free wings to fly outside the shores of your land and clime, the success of a visa application opens many doors of opportunity for you as an individual.  But then, we also know the frustrating moment that comes with visa rejection.    But what you must know is that your destiny is not tied to a single visa application. If the first trial does not work out, don’t get yourself worked up,  brace up, and try again.

We didn’t compile the list of the ten most difficult countries to get a visa to scare you. We care about you that is why we are seizing this opportunity to prepare your mind while preparing to submit your visa application.   We wish you all the best as you make arrangements to explore the world.

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