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2020 Undergraduate Scholarship At City University, Hong Kong.


Closing Date: 15 Nov. 2020

The City University of Hong Kong welcomes 2020 undergraduate scholarship applications from international students for her 2020/2021  scholarship award.  Students with outstanding academic records are encouraged to submit their application to be awarded the scholarship to enable them to fan into flame the fire of academic excellence already burning in them.  This is a full scholarship scheme where the scholarship awarding body shoulders all the financial responsibility of the scholar throughout the program.

As a way of acknowledging the candidate’s intellectual breakthrough, the scholarship awarding body offers a scholarship award to beneficiaries through the sponsorship of individuals, corporate bodies, professionals,  Educational bodies, etc.

The scholarship value is 500,000 Hong Kong Dollars awarded to successful candidates yearly.  The scholarship award is strictly based on merit and only reserved for students with a high-flying intellectual proclivity. Recipients of this scholarship are often recommended by their schools and course departmental bodies.  The  2020 undergraduate scholarship award is based on two categories. Candidates who performed exceptionally well will be placed in the first category and will be awarded a full scholarship with all expenses paid by the scholarship awarding body throughout the program.   Those in the second category will be provided with full school fees throughout the program and the last category will be offered half payment of their school fees throughout the program.

2020 undergraduate scholarship at City University 2020. Globe Migrant.

Value of 2020 undergraduate scholarship

The value of scholarship comprises of three categories as earlier mentioned:

  1. Fully-funded scholarship worth about US$23,000 paid annually  (This takes care of your school fees, living cost, and accommodation).
  2. Full school fees worth about US$18, 000 paid yearly.
  3. A yearly Part-payment of school fees worth of about US$9, 000.

Eligibility  for the 2020 undergraduate scholarship

All international students from Africa and beyond are eligible to apply.   


Successful candidates are expected to have a minimum of  3.2 and above annually to renew their application.

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