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5 Foods To Try In Poland


Poland, which is most times known as the Republic of Poland, is a country found in Central Europe. Populated with about 38.7 million people, Poland ranks the fifth top member of the EU (European Union). Add Poland to your list of places to visit if you are looking for a country filled with beautiful cities and a diverse geographical plan. Poland has a list of tourist attractions like; stately castles, the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the Auschwitz Birkenau Museum, and the Lower Oder Valley International Park. Poland holds many unique and exciting features, but one that is most overlooked a local Poland dish. Poland is home to some of the most unique and enticing meals in Europe. If planning a trip to Poland and you are confused about what foods to try in Poland, this is our comprehensive list of foods to try in Poland.

5. Zurek

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Regarded as a national treasure, Zurek is made with a recipe containing lots of meat, sour rye flour, potatoes, and plenty of vegetables. Sometimes served with boiled egg and bread, this meal has climbed to the top of the heart of Poland. It might just look like regular fermented soup at first, but it leaves a soft welcome on your taste buds. Zurek is popular in Poland and can be found in local restaurants. and you be on your list of foods to try in Poland.

4. Flaki

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Another meal you should try in Poland is Flaki. Flaki is a famous beef-filled soup and is known throughout the country. Said to be the favorite dish to king Jogaila, the soup has been around for as long as the 14th century. Known as a rustic polish root soup, Flaki is prepared with the inner lining from a cow and some vegetables. This mouth-watering meal can be found at restaurants and is perfect for any occasion.

3. Czernina

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Made out of duck blood, sugar, and vinegar, this is one of Poland’s most beloved meals. It has a strong bond with polish culture, dating back to the old days and still up in use. This dish was used as an answer to a polish marriage proposal. If a man were to ask a lady her hand in marriage, he would be served a plate of Czernina by the family as an answer. Gold in color Czernina meant “yes” while black stood for “no.” Time has gone by, and old traditions have passed. This meal can now be enjoyed in restaurants and dinner parties, not worrying about its color.

2. Pierogi

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Famous through-out Poland, Pierogi is known for comfort and simplicity. Originating from dumplings, Pierogis can both be a cook and a fried dish. Stuffed with veggies, fruits, meat and dipped in cream or just butter, this simple to make dish will be the heart of any event. From fancy street vendors to luxurious restaurants, this breath-taking meal can be found anywhere in Poland, and with a bet, these yummy stuffed dumplings will surely leave you craving for more.

1. Bigos

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Hunters stew being the translation in English; this polish dish is loved throughout the country. Made out of three main ingredients; Sauerkrant, various meat of choice, shredded cabbage, and a variety of vegetables, this meal is design to be heartwarming. Best served hot, this dish can be accompanied by a bottle of wine and can be found in local restaurants, and should be at the top of your foods to try in Poland list.
Ever traveled to Poland, or are you planning one? After a long day of fun and excitement, sit back and enjoy some of the best local foods Poland offers, making your stay in Poland a memorable one.

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