5 Sandy Beaches To Visit In Kent This Summer

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Kent is a beautiful country located in the southeast part of London. Kent is popularly known as the “Garden of England” and is one of England’s oldest countries. Kent is famous to local and foreign tourists for its vast number of old oast houses with tall pyramidal roofs. These oast houses were formally used for drying hops, but with time, the country has taken a great deal of change, converting old buildings to modern luxury homes. Kent is a fun place to explore as a tourist since there are many exciting things to do, like visiting the Canterbury Cathedral, reading old dusty books at St Augustine’s Abbey, or having comfort with wildlife at the Port Lympne Reserve. But Kent is also home to some of the sandiest beaches in the united kingdom. If you are looking forward to visiting the United Kingdom, Kent should be added to your travel bucket list. This article will serve as a UK tourist guide as we go through 5 sandy beaches to visit in Kent this summer.

5. Joss bay

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Image credit: thebeachguide

This sandy paradise is a popular sight attraction in Kent, housed by tall cliffs and not far away from the North Foreland golf course, which has about 200 meters to its name. Joss bay is known not just for its open sea breeze but as one of the best surfing beaches too, and it is perfect for a family day at the beach. Cafe and beach shops are found here, and not to forget children’s rides to keep the little ones busy and you, the adult, rest in comfort on the beach. So if you are looking for a place to kick back and relax or try out some insane surfing skills, Joss bay is right and is rated fifth in the list of 5 sandy beaches to visit in Kent.

4. Littlestone Beach

Littlestone Beach 1024x682 1 5 Sandy Beaches To Visit In Kent This Summer
Image credit: cloudinary

Littlestone is a large quieter beach compared to all the rest. Having a beautiful view at sundown and watching the tides come in, Littlestone is prone to relaxation, filled with colored beach huts and a vast grassy area. It is a great place to kick back and relax, maybe listen to your favorite songs, sip a drink, or anything you are comfortable with too easy the moment.

3. Botany Bay

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Image credit: collinsdictionary

This sandy beach paradise holds an award for popularity in Kent and is highly rated as one of the places to visit in Kent. Filled with smooth, clean sands and good crystal clear water quality, Botany Bay is ranked one of the most visited places in Kent. Botany Bay has very attractive features. The sand turns gold and glitters as the sun rays hit its surface, rock pools, and chalk cliffs. A comprehensive list of fun ideas can be gone or carried out like; kayaking, swimming, kite-flying, sunbathing, and the list goes on and on. Botany Bay is perfect when it comes to fun and relaxation.

2. Dungeness beach

Dungeness Spit National Wildlife Refuge Sequim 7 5 Sandy Beaches To Visit In Kent This Summer
Image credit: 2traveldads

Located at Romney Marsh, Kent. Dungeness is one of the finest beaches Kent has to offer, ignoring the power station and lighthouses. It is said to be one of the most attractive places in Kent, getting the attention of thousands, some mostly birdwatchers. It might not be perfect for sunbathing. Nevertheless, it is suitable for long romantic strolls and a peaceful picnic. Do not forget a camera as Dungeness is packed with many artistic potentials; from the pebbly shores to its unique and eye-catching wildlife, Dungeness is one of the places you should visit in Kent.

1. Viking Bay

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Image credit: wikimedia

Viking bay is another famous beach in Kent. It is tough to have a near completion from other Kent beaches like Joss and Botany Bay to make an afternoon beach day trip pick. In the shape of a horseshoe, this magnificent beach is known for its classic sea resort, perfect for relaxation and fun. This sandy paradise bay has excellent beach services and at the south end of the beach is a cliff-side elevator just in case you are too lazy to climb up to town after a long day of fun. Giggles we won’t judge; who does not love a free ride uptown. Viking bay is a beach you should visit in Kent.
So there you have five exciting beaches to visit in Kent. If you plan a visit to the United Kingdom, Kent has a lot of fantastic offers for you.

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