A Complete Guide To Comoros Visa Application

What is Comoros?

I bet not four out of ten persons reading this article right now must’ve come across the word “Comoros” before. Well, that’s fine. This article’s job is to enlighten you on what this word stands for and, more so, what significant place this word as it were is located. Perhaps, luckily for you, it might just be a State, a country – we don’t know yet but will soon find out.

Comoros isn’t just a word. It is most profoundly a place. Remember, Africa has 54 countries in it? Yes. The word “Comoros” is familiar to a place there. Let us put this in the best relatable language possible. Comoros is a country in Africa.

Located in North Africa, Comoros is called the Union of Comoros because it is an island country (i.e. a country surrounded by water – I know you know this already. Pardon my being too clear) in the Indian Ocean.

Its capital city is called Moroni. An exciting feature about Moroni is that the meaning of Moroni is “at the river.”

You know that a capital city is a country’s seat of the government, I know this is everyday news, but Moroni is very significant to Comoros because being the seat of government, it has most of its impressive, most lovable scenery naturally and aesthetically within itself.

Comoros has officially three languages, which are — Comorian, French and Arabic language. With a good translator as a person or as an app on your mobile device, you can go through your daily activity stress-free and without a hitch as you visit. And by a visit, I mean visit Comoros now. They are open for visitations at any time of the year.

I trust we all– by now– have been acquainted with what a Comoros is.

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Why we all need a Comoros visa?

Comoros has to its name several beautiful sites worth seeing. There are exciting places to visit in Comoros – like the Fomboni, Anjouan, Grande Comore, Mount Karthala, Moroni (it’s capital), Mayotte, Petite Terre, and Mt Ntingui (a mountain in Comoros), Moya, Mutsamadusites altogether.

Eligibility for a Comoros Visa

For entry into Comoros, there is a process. There is no visa-exempted country. If you are willing to travel to Comoros, you have to obtain Comoros’s Visa. This shouldn’t be hectic as they are online [verifiable] platforms. This could be done on and/or swiftly.

There is no such thing as a consular visa for Comoros, some sites say. Some other says, there’s just one option for visa application to Comoros, and that one choice, away from being a visitor to Comoros, is visa on arrival.

The question now is whether one plans to travel into Comoros for business, for vacation, for study, for tourism, or whether one plans to live there?

This and many more will be explained subsequently.

What does a visa on arrival mean?

This means that one must queue up at a traceable immigration pass-point, apply, pay, to get it pasted too into one’s passport on the spot at the airport.

Visa on arrival could also be termed “visa-free-entry.” Both visa on arrival and visa-free entry means that the decision lies on the immigration office on parole or on duty to grant or deny you smooth entry.

But all these protocols and processes can be waded off if one’s passports, credentials, are properly accessed and verified in front of the immigration officer at any Comoros international airport.

How many internationally recognized airports does Comoros have?

There are about three internationally recognized airports. There are; the Quani Airport located in Anjouan, the Mohéli Bandar Es Eslam Airport located in Mohéli, the Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport located in Moroni.

comoros A Complete Guide To Comoros Visa Application

Comoros visa application process

The most important way of getting a visa anywhere in the world is by applying for a specific country’s visa you’ve got in mind, in that particular country’s consul located in your home country. This case isn’t different for Comoros. If there is a Comoros consul in your home country, you should reach out to them and get your visa.

Types of Comoros Visa

Remember in the“Eligibility for Comoros’s Visa”, I said there is a process to getting a Comoros visa and no exempted visa-free countries? Yes, I still mean that now. However, following Comoros’s guidelines on visiting its consul (otherwise known as diplomatic missions) in countries other than itself, you can easily get a visa and fly into Comoros easily if you have these types of visas soon to be discussed. Remember, I also said “visa on arrival” and “visa-free entry” subsequently somewhere above? We will talk about it, too, soon.

Yes, it still lies at the discretion of the immigration officer at the counter at any international airport in Comoros you fly in from to accept or delay or deny you entry, but it would be very berserk if after reaching Comoros you forget your onward or return ticket. You want to know what an onward or return ticket is. Read on.

So let us head right into the types of Comoros’s Visas.

There are business and tourist visas:

  • The business visa is for those with purposes purely inspired by expanding their businesses or those representing multinationals seeking other economies to invest in or this type of visa concerns those wishing to attend a seminar, summit, or conference holding in Comoros. This means the organization or institute’s signage in the visiting country must be included in your document, so, in case there is a need immediately by the immigration officer receiving you to contact them, he or she would do that without straining a nerve.
  • The tourist visa is for those coming into Comoros because of its tourist sites and destination. Under this visa, a visit to a friend’s or so can fall under it, but still, one will need a visa to make such visits happen.

This is what is done globally. It isn’t a case to crack head for. It is smooth and easy.

Once with any of these visas, guaranteed safe entry into Comoro is assured.

Documents you must have handy before trying to get a Comoros Visa

  • Your passport for authenticity must be six months old or more.
  • There must be a return or onward ticket alongside too.
e visa countries A Complete Guide To Comoros Visa Application
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What is an onward or return ticket?

I am sure most of us are asking ourselves at this point, what is a return and onward ticket? Don’t worry, I got you covered with the details.

An onward ticket can also be called a return ticket because this is proof to the government or immigration officers of the country you are visiting, telling or showing them that you are not illegally immigrating into their country.

This means that an onward or return ticket proves that upon arrival in any host country, you have a return ticket that will see you back to your home or sending country.

What will happen if an onward or return ticket is forgotten?

It is important that you don’t at no given a chance to forget your onward ticket.

Suppose this ticket is forgotten, perhaps at one’s home country before arriving at a host country. In that case, everything can be settled, but if this onward or return ticket is forgotten let’s say hypothetically at a friend’s or hotel room in one’s host country, there will be dire consequences as one might potentially be framed as a criminal or a terrorist and will be deported, or reprimanded temporally.

Being careful is a necessity. Keeping reminders are always helpful too.

What will happen if an onward or return ticket is forgotten?

One can’t travel without this ticket. There is no rare case, no miracle. At all-time, one must have this with themselves or pay to get another if the ticket is misplaced, burnt, destroyed in the past by some uncontrollable means.

What are the frequently asked questions about Comoros’s visa?

KM0 A Complete Guide To Comoros Visa Application
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How much does Comoros’s visa fee cost?

People naturally are attached to less expensive trips when they want to take a vacation off their home country, off work, off stress, or just want to travel out with the family to spend time together.

This attachment to less expensive areas or countries is because shying away from too much cost is a human subconscious reflex action. People like to pay little, sometimes, huge amounts on things they consider valuable, and Comoros promises to give them that affordable yet heavenly experience.

The human ability to see what they like and want to exchange monetary value for is a worldwide phenomenon, and Comoros is aware of that.

Comoros is a country with less than a million people living and residing in it.

Tourist arrivals as of 2018 in Comoros amounted to 35,900 people. Imagine that number. Comoros is a place to have an easy feel of quietness, comfort, and ease to breathe. If you are looking for a place with all of these attributes, then, immediately, you must apply to fly into Comoros today.

To get into Comoros, you don’t have to break your bank. It goes at an affordable, convenient looking price of 30euros or 50USD.

Affordable, right?

Where is Comoros?

Comoros is in the Northern part of Africa. You can become a citizen of Comoros, easily, by investment. This is the safest and purest form available for now.

How is the weather over there like?

Mostly clear. It is tropical. There is a hot and rainy season from December to April. There is a cool and dry season between May and November. If you are looking for its warmest periods, you should try coming in from January to April. But generally, come in any time. The best experience awaits you.

Can you access Comoros consuls anywhere in the world?

For now, Comoros has thirteen missions or consuls around the globe. There are in Belgium, Burundi, France, Libya, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America.

How many five or four-star hotels are there in Comoros?

For your relaxing pleasure, there are, according to TripAdvisor total,eight-five and four-star hotels in Comoros, with emphasis on its capital, Moroni.

Covid-19 guidelines for safe travels

DSC 0397 A Complete Guide To Comoros Visa Application
  • Don’t travel in or out of your home country if you are sick.
  • If you do travel, make sure to do so with your nose mask and, upon reaching the receiving or host country, self-quarantine for fourteen days according to W.H.Os charter on the control of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • If there is a sick person on your plane or at the airport where you find yourself, with visible signs and symptoms of covid-19, do well to report to relevant health-related authorities.
  • Remember to sneeze into the gap between your elbow.
  • Maintain 3 or 6 feet apart from everyone you meet.
  • Consider if your destination has restrictions on incoming flights and if there are requirements to be met, meet them.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for more than twenty seconds.
  • Sanitize regularly, and always have a hand sanitiser handy.

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