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A Nigerian Students Guide To A Canada Study Visa

How Nigerian students can get a Canada Study Visa

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How Nigerian students can get a Canada Study Visa

Canada is a choice destination for students all over the world. If you want to get an education and build a career, Canada is often the first choice. 

This is because Canada offers progressive career opportunities that meet international standards. The country also has relaxed regulations. These factors have been attracting students to Canada for decades.

Nigerian students are not left out in this trend.  According to a report from the Canadian Bureau for International Education; 2% of Nigerian students go to Canada every year.

Source: CBIE Website

Nigerian students and Canada study visa challenges

According to a recent study by Polestar, a student immigration news website, students from African countries have the highest refusal rate when applying for a visa to Canada. In the first half of 2019 alone, Canada rejected around 81% of Nigerian student visa applications.

Source: Polestar

Looking at the statistics, an obvious question comes in mind. Why are student visa applications from Nigeria rejected in a large volume? 

Well, there are a few notable reasons for this. Globemigrant has researched and found that the rejections are often due to mistakes. Hence, students applying for a visa to Canada have to take note of the following;   

a) Intending immigrants: 

The Canadian immigration laws say an applicant is an intending immigrant unless proven otherwise. According to experts, students from countries with economic challenges are more prone to migrate. 

We agree that every application is important. Yet, the visa officer gets about a minute to identify applications based on merit. 

One of the ways to ensure that your visa application stands out is to state your purpose in clear terms. Show that you have a sound knowledge of the course you want to take. This entails stating a clear goal and career path.  

Also, make sure to state that your initial purpose of going to Canada is to study, rather than get a job.  You can also mention the opportunities that await you in your country when you graduate. 

b) Tuition fee:

Another challenge is being able to afford the full tuition fee of the course. Attach proof of income proof to show your ability to bear the entire tuition fee. 

c) Overcoming biases: 

In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of asylum seekers from Nigeria to Canada. This phenomenon has slowed the visa approval rate.

Source: The

The chart above shows the pending asylum applications in Canada from each country. As such, clear information in a visa application will increase the chances of it getting approved.

How to get approval

We all know the issues that slow down or act as a catalyst in the rejection of visas. Yet, there have been new developments in the requirements for Canada Student visa in Nigeria.

This year, Canada introduced the Nigerian Student Express pilot program. It seeks to help students who are eligible, get into a Canadian tertiary institution.  It is a program to fast track education visa processing for Nigeria students.

One of the major requirements for Canada Student visa in Nigeria is a proof of acceptance into an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program. A proof of a post-graduate diploma course is also accepted. 

On your part as a student, you should ensure the following:

  • Mention the purpose of your visit to Canada and the course you are to study. 
  • Have a convincing proof to show your ability to bear the tuition fee for all semesters. 
  • Have a basic knowledge of the course, its scope, and how it makes you more employable. 
  • In the case of a dependents application, state how you are going to use your their time in Canada

Let’s have a look at the visa application process and requirements.

Before you apply for a study permit, ensure you have these items; 

  • An acceptance letter from designated learning institutions.
  • A valid passport or travel document.
  • A valid proof of identification.
  • Be ready for biometric data collection. This involves taking into record your fingerprint and photo.

Upon getting the above, the next steps are: 

1. Go to the link and start from item one, which is About the Process. Also, read to find out if you can apply or not, under the section,  who can apply. 

2. After reading about the documents required, go to the How to apply option.

3. Answer a few questions for the next steps.

4. There will be a set of requirements that you should read. The requirements will tell you the documents, fees, and other things that should be handy before starting your application. 

5. Thereafter you will be prompted to ‘Create account and sign in’ for the rest of the process.

Register if you don’t have an account and then sign in

5. When submitting the application form, add the supporting documents mentioned in the IRCC document checklist. In case a student fails to provide all supporting documents, a waiver form goes with the application form.

6. Once you have applied, the next step will be to submit biometric information sent by the visa office. 

Closing thoughts

Usually it takes around 8 weeks for a Nigerian Student to get the Visa approved. It could take longer, depending on the situation. But, under the new Nigeria Visa Express program, Canada is set to reduce the processing time. 

According to the IRCC spokesperson, a specialized financial verification is used to verify and process visas fast. In its official tweet, IRCC said the program will work towards bringing down the time taken to process student visa applications. 

We hope that this program will make a significant impact. We hope it will help students get more opportunities to pursue higher education in Canada. 

Also, we know that with a little bit of effort in framing the application and following due process, there will be a significant rise in the number of student visas to Canada from Nigeria.

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