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African Leadership Academy Scholarship for Young African Leaders 2021.


Deadline for the African Leadership Academy Scholarship:  October 1, 2020

Eligible countries: All African countries
Host country: South Africa
 Number of Slots: No specific number

The African leadership academy scholarship scheme is for young African entrepreneurs with excellent academic performance and proven integrity within the age range of fifteen to eighteen. This scholarship initiative is geared towards harnessing and fanning into flame the leadership skills of young talented African leaders that have shown promises of driving positive change in their community towards a better Africa.


  1. The Candidates must have an outstanding academic record with requisite leadership skills.
  2. The Cumulative grades of the candidates for at least two academic sessions must be above average.
  3. They Must be able to display their leadership prowess outside the confines of the classroom displayed in their ability to multitask and explore other areas that will lead to community development.
  4. They must be within the age range of fifteen to eighteen.  In as much as the candidate falls within the age range, it does not matter whether the candidate has finished high school or not,  Such a candidate is eligible to apply.
  5. candidate must have had an experience of his contribution to community development by rendering volunteer services and handling projects that will lead to the development of the community. He should be able to articulate his thoughts coherently in Essay writing format.

The application Form encourages students to suggest how they can drive positive change in the community and their contribution so far towards actualizing their long-term goal.

African Leadership Academy (ALA) scholarship operates on equity as it offers equal opportunity to both male and female applicants based on merit.

Globemigrant. African leadership Academy Scholars

worth of scholarship: Financial Benefits that will cover their expenses throughout the two years program for students whose family are not buoyant enough to shoulder the responsibility. 

Duration:  two years.

How to Apply: Submit your application  alongside your cover letter, writing Sample, and Curriculum Vitae here

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