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American Airlines Investigating 2020 Onboard Altercations Involving Trump Supporters


Airlines worldwide try their best to ensure that passengers onboard have a safe and peaceful flight to their various destinations. However, this is not a guarantee that there will be no altercations of any sort in the course of the journey, especially when human interaction and emotions are involved.

Over the years, American Airlines being the largest airline based on the size of the fleet, number of passengers carried, and revenue passenger-mile, have had lots of altercations on board. The first recorded American Airlines’ altercation was on September 11, 2001, when two passengers argued, after which the flight was hijacked by members of an identified terrorist group known as Al-Qaeda. On July 16, 2016, another airline altercation happened in the American Airlines.

A flight attendant was involved in a scuffle. The attendant sued the industry years later for not showing any concern about safety after the incident. There was also an American Airlines altercation on April 22, 2017, when a flight attendant was suspended for disruptive behavior. Many American Airlines altercations occurred in 2020 over the putting on of face masks amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The most recent American Airline altercation was on January 7, 2021. The altercation was caused by something unusual, which was not based on the right to be right or refusal to adhere to laid-down instructions.

This time, some passengers on board who were identified as supporters of the U.S. president, Donald Trump, put up pro-projections of the Trump 2020 logo on the plane cabin’s walls and ceilings.

The action sparked loud arguments between the Trump supporters and their passengers on the flight which was en route to Washington D.C.

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Passengers began to rain insults on one another due to the disruption the Trump supporters caused. The argument went on with the intervention of a flight attendant who restored the tranquility of the flight. The other passengers saw the act as harassment on their side. Since the plane was taxing the Washington D. C airport gate already, the passengers alighted with no further actions.

There was no physical contact, brutality, or casualty was reported. All passengers arrived safely at the Washington D. C airport despite the commotion that happened during the flight. However, it is still uncertain the motive behind the Trump 2020 logo’s pro-projection that caused the American Airlines altercation. Unsure if it was a form of protest or not, the Trump supporters do not appear to yield to anything that may bring their weakness or stop them, full of hope and faith, they carried out their actions even though the inauguration of Joe Biden drew close.

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