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Apply For The 2024-2025 ANSO Scholarship For International Students


The 2024 ANSO Scholarship is looking for enthusiastic young people from around the globe interested in making a difference in science and the world of knowledge.

During the designated academic year, the ANSO scholarship will pay for all your expenditures, including tuition, housing, living costs (up to a maximum of CNY 84,000), and complete health insurance.

The mission of the ANSO Scholarship is to encourage collaboration, open dialogue, and technical progress to strengthen the world’s scientific and technological capabilities.

You will find all the information you need about the application process, timeline, benefits, and eligibility requirements in this post.

The 2024 ANSO Scholarship Overview

Scholarship Information from ANSO

Any young scientist with global aspirations can apply for the ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents 2024 through the Alliance of International Science Organisations (ANSO).

A non-profit, non-governmental international organisation (ANSO) with 37 member institutions, universities, and organisations worldwide, ANSO was founded in 2018.

The ANSO-CAS-TWAS/UNESCO Ph.D. The scholarship was established in 2022 as a new category that favours women and candidates from Least Developed Countries (L.D.C.s).

The China Academy of Sciences (C.A.S.) primarily funds this scholarship, with additional financing from T.W.A.S. and UNESCO for ANSO-CAS-TWAS/UNESCO Ph.D. Scholarship winners.

ANSO Scholarship 2024 Requirements

To be eligible for the ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents 2024, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Not hold Chinese citizenship
  • Proficiency in English or Chinese
  • For Master’s program applicants: Born after January 1, 1994 (inclusive)
  • For PhD program applicants: Born after January 1, 1989 (inclusive). Looking for other scholarship opportunities, here is an ultimate guide to PhD scholarships for 2024-2025 students.
  • Meet the admission standards for overseas students of USTC/UCAS
  • Not undertake other assignments during the scholarship time
  • Not currently pursuing a Master’s or PhD degree in China

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How to Apply for the ANSO Scholarship?

The application process for the ANSO scholarship is a two-step method.

  • The process for this application begins before the commencement date, with professors from these prominent linked universities receiving acceptance letters.
  • With the receipt of acceptance letters, half the process of studying in these established institutions shall be used to apply for the ANSO scholarship.
  • The second process will be filling out an online application for the ANSO scholarship.

Documents necessary for ANSO Scholarship

  • Copy of passport valid for at least 24 months
  • A copy of the CV and research experience short
  • Provide a plan of execution for research and record of prizes and certificates.
  • University Graduation certificate
  • Masters program
  • Must present a graduation certificate if completed
  • If the undergraduate course hasn’t been completed, they must provide a pre-undergraduate certificate with the date of competition specified
  • D. program
  • Must submit a master certificate if finished
  • If you still need to, you must present a pre-master graduation certificate with the date of completion specified.
  • Provide a letter of reference.
  • Detailed research proposal English competency proof, which must not be IELTS
  • Original copy of the ANSO application

ANSO Scholarship 2024 Application Timeline

Deadline- February 15, 2024

ANSO Scholarship 2024 Benefits

  • Tuition waiver
  • Medical insurance
  • A stipend of RMB 3000 through masters and RMB 6000 for PhD winners or RMB 7000 based on the result of the qualification test
  • Application fee waiver
  • Travel subsidy(one trip per person)

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