2021 DAAD Re-invitation Program for Former Scholarship Holders – Funded

2021 DAAD Re-Invitation Program is an unparalleled opportunity to enable scholarship holders to conduct research and carry out projects in Germany. The scholarship holders will also be a part of the DAAD’s Global Alumni Network.

The requirements for the 2021 DAAD Re-Invitation Program includes:

  1. Applicants should be former holders of DAAD research grants or study scholarships funded by the Federal Foreign Office for over half a year.
  2. Applicants should be former East German Scholarship holders who have studied for at least a year in Germany.
  3. Applicants may have lived at least three years in Germany.
  4. A cooperation that is partnering in Germany must coordinate the research work.

2021 DAAD Re-Invitation Program will fund:

  1. Research and working projects at state-recognized institutions of higher education or other research institutes in Germany.
  2. For former scholarship holders who work outside the science sector, working stays at an institution in business, administration, culture, and media.
  3. Research or working visits that take place in various host institutions in Germany.

NOTE: This fund can only be claimed once within three years.

2021 DAAD Re-Invitation Program Funding Duration

A selection committee decides the duration of the grant. It depends on the nature of the project in question and the applicant’s work; It can be one to three months.

The grant is not renewable.

Value of DAAD Re-Invitation Program:

2,000 Euros for assistant teachers, assistant professors, and lecturers monthly.

2,150 Euros for professors monthly.

Former scholarship holders whose work is not in the science sectors will receive monthly payments based on their respective qualifications.

Travel allowances, unless covered by the home country or other funding sources.

Other payments cannot be made.

If the applicant doesn’t have a corresponding home health insurance, DAAD will insure the applicant, and the cost will be deducted from the scholarship payments since health Insurance coverage is mandatory in Germany.

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Criteria for selection:

The most important selection criteria are:

Academic achievements and publications (if applicable) must be documented in the curriculum vitae and list of publications.

A compelling and well – planned research or work project.

For former scholarship holders who work outside the science sector, particular attention is paid to the following questions:

Will the stay in Germany have a sustainable effect on your professional activity?

Will your stay in Germany promote existing cooperation?

Application for DAAD Re-Invitation Program:

All application procedures are done through the DAAD portal. The access to the DAAD portal opens about 6 weeks before the application deadline.

Required Documents include:

  1. Online application form
  2. Full curriculum vitae in tabular form (3 pages or less).
  3. List of academic publications (if necessary)
  4. Comprehensive statement about research or working projects (10 pages or less)
  5. Schedule and itinerary (host institutions/cooperation partners) of planned research or working visits.
  6. Letter confirming academic cooperation from the host institution, which refers to the applicant’s proposal and guarantees that the project will be supervised and a workplace provided.

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