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Covid 19 X-mas: 7 Ways To Enjoy The Christmas Holiday In Lagos, Nigeria.

Like every other yuletide season, this Christmas would typically have been a season of fun events. Sadly, the covid-19 pandemic and its resultant effects have made it extremely difficult for families to celebrate the holidays as they should. It is therefore unsurprising that most families in Nigeria are worried about how to spend their holiday.

That is why we have decided to compile a list of fun activities that can be done in Nigeria this Christmas. Our listing takes into consideration the existing Covid-19 regulations in Nigeria.

Some fun activities for this yuletide

This Christmas might be dull without doing anything and wouldn’t feel like a holiday. Here are seven amazing things you can do;

1. Stay in a resort

Image Source: ctfassets.net

It wouldn’t be wrong after such a challenging year to spend a day or two in a hotel with your family. Lagos has many hotels that are home away from home. Since it might be dangerous to travel out of the country at this time, visiting and staying in a hotel or resort might not be a bad idea.

2. Meet family and friends

Image Source: picnicboat-ng.com

Christmas is a time to get together so that family members and friends who haven’t seen each other in a year would meet. Despite the current pandemic regulations, it is still possible to meet with family and friends this season. As long as you comply with the basic requirements of social distancing, hand sanitizers, and face masks, all should be well.

3. Virtual Party

Image Source: lifeofpix.com

Prevention is better than cure, which is a famous clause. One can never be too careful with the prevention; that is why a virtual party seems nice. Thanks to the upsurge in the use of meeting applications like Zoom and Google Meet, it is now common for families to engage with each, and even share a drink virtually. You can have everybody present without putting anyone at risk.

4. Go sightseeing.

Image Source: imgix.net

Lagos is a metropolis city filled with many beautiful and historical places. Instead of staying at home, you can opt to visit fun and sight-attraction centers like the Lufasi park, upbeat center, and even Badagry to see places like the Badagry Slave Route.

5. Have a picnic

Image Source: 2scoopsoflifeandstyle

A picnic is an excellent Christmas activity that can bond you with your friends and family. As long as you obey the required safety measures, you should be fine.  

6. Charity and Gifting.

Image Source: blogspot.com

This season is all about love and the exchange of gifts, and this pandemic is not an excuse not to exchange gifts with people. The season is fun-filled with joy, but this pandemic Christmas avails such opportunity due to the harsh economy caused by the pandemic. One can decide to cook and share with the neighbors. Bring smiles to the faces of people that can’t afford food by sharing food with them. Spread some love this season.

7. Bond with family at home

Bonding with family

Stay at home and do some fun things this season. Don’t just stay indoors with your family. Do exciting activities, like spending time with your loved ones. Create fun items with them. Conduct a competition at home; it might be singing, dancing, game, etc. Bond with your family this season and enjoy this period. You can also use this season to learn something new.

Coronavirus shouldn’t be an excuse not to enjoy this season. There are various fun things to do that even the pandemic could not keep from us. Try something new today.

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