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Good News For Travelers: All United States Airlines Now Provide Covid 19 Testing.

With the exponential increase of coronavirus cases, the safety of travelers has become imperative.  On this basis, most USA airlines like Alaska, Delta, United, and a host of others, have offered to ease the grueling process of running COVID-19 tests for travelers.  They have procured all the necessary kits and facilities to run the COVID 19 tests at airports before passengers purchase flight tickets. Testing is carried out in compliance with US inbound and outbound COVID-19 restriction guidelines. 

Sequel to this, most US Airlines have launched COVID-19 test centers in the airports to this effect. Below are some of the USA airlines that offer COVID-19 test to passengers  and a brief guide:

Alaska Airlines

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Alaska airlines provide COVID-19 tests to passengers traveling to countries that require that travelers run a COVID-19  test as one of the foremost entry requirements into the country.  The airline offers two testing options to passengers with different charges: 

  1. In-person on the West Coast with Carbon Health. The cost rate is between $135 to $170.
  2. At-home Costco test kit for $139.99.

Alaska Airlines has an in-person COVID-19 testing center at Portland and San Diego international airports.

American Airlines

Image Source: wikimedia.org

American Airlines now offers COVID-19 tests to passengers before booking their flights, especially for passengers whose destinations are London and the Caribbean Islands. The airline also provides At-home tests to passengers traveling to destinations within the United States as a way of adhering strictly to the territory’s  COVID-19 restriction travel guide.

The airline has partnered with LetsGetChecked to provide at-home tests to travelers whose destinations are the Caribbean (e.g., Jamaica,   St. Lucia,  Grenada) and other US territories or states, Massachusetts and  Chicago. The cost rate for the test is $129.  The test results do not always longer than 48 hours.

In the partnership with British Airways, the American airlines have established COVID-19 preflight testing centers to provide travelers with efficient services. Some US airports provide COVID-19 testing services to passengers traveling to London:   New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport to London.

Passengers using this airline are expected to run through tests; an at-home RT-PCR test three days before traveling, a test upon arrival, and a saliva test three days after arrival in London.

Delta Airlines

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Delta airlines provide two COVID-19 preflight test package. The multiple tests carried out by passengers are meant to exempt those traveling to European countries like Amsterdam, Rome, etc., from quarantine.  But this only applies to people who are traveling for special purposes like work or students. 

Travelers whose destination is Amsterdam must carry out their COVID-19 PCR preflight test five days before departure, quick testing before boarding a flight from the US, and run another PCR test upon arriving in the Netherlands.

Passengers heading to Italy are advised to run a PCR COVID-19 preflight test three days before their traveling date, run a quick COVID-19 test before boarding at the airport and run another PCR test when they arrive at the airport in Italy.

Hawaiian Airlines

Image Source:nycaviation.com

This airline helps ease the stress of those traveling to Hawaii. The airline organizes their COVID-19 preflight test centers by cities for easy access. The cost for an at-home COVID-19 Saliva test with Vault is $119, while the price for Drive through tests for cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas is $90.


Image Source: wikimedia.org

JetBlue has partnered with Vaults to provide passengers with an at-home COVID-19 saliva test. The test result takes between 48 to 74 hours. The cost is $119. The partnership JetBlue has with the Caribbean paradise of Aruba makes traveling to that region leisurely.  Passengers whose destination is Aruba also have access to Vault’s quick result at-home   COVID-19 Saliva test.

Spirit Airlines

Image credit:nbcnews.com

In partnership with Nomi Health and  Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Spirit Airlines has established a COVID-19 testing center at the Florida airport. The COVID-19 testing services carried out by spirit airline do not apply only to passengers flying with the airlines.  However, travelers flying with other airlines cancan run their test there in as much the travelers can provide proof of travel plans with any airline.  A quick result antigen test is $74, while a PCR test is $106.

United Airlines

Image credit:gannet-cdn.com

This airline provides preflight COVID-19 test people traveling to numerous destinations, including London and the Caribbean. Passengers travelling from Houston are generally required to carry out an at-home COVID-19 PCR test with ADL Health. The test costs $119.

Also, travelers using select flights from Newark to London run a quick molecular COVID-19 test before boarding. This test is free.

Passengers flying from San Francisco to Hawaii have the privilege of choosing either of the options most suitable for them: run a test a day to their journey in the airport at the Dignity Health-GoHealth emergency Care for $250, or carry out a drive-thru COVID-19 test 3 days to their journey for $105.

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