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Donald A. Wehrung Scholarship For International Students -Apply Now!

Globe migrant. Donald A. Wehrung scholarship

closing Date: 1, Dec. 2020

The Donald A. Wehrung Scholarship scheme is geared towards catering to the academic needs of international students with remarkable academic achievements who due to the economic downturn in their country are been denied quality education but are still determined to soar higher academically amidst the turbulence precipitated by wars, poverty, and inadequate manpower. Although the goal of this scheme is to provide free access to quality education for those whose backgrounds could not provide them with the luxury of acquiring a university education, it is based on merit and excellent academic achievement.     This scholarship is renewed annually on the condition that candidates keep a consistently brilliant academic record throughout the program.

Donald A. Wehrung scholarship. 1 1024x637 1 Donald A. Wehrung Scholarship For International Students -Apply Now!
Globemigrant. Donald A. Wehrung scholarship for international students.

Value of scholarship: award covers all your expenses throughout the program (ie school fees and living cost).

Eligibility for Donald A. Wehrung scholarship

  1. You must come from a country ravaged by war, political instability, and economic downturn.
  2.  You must be an international student desiring to do an undergraduate course in Canada.
  3. You should be rounding up your high school or must have rounded up already.
  4. You must have an excellent academic record  (you must have all A’s in high school your result and its equivalent).
  5. You must possess outstanding leadership qualities.
  6. You must be able to meet the University of British Colombia requirement.
  7. You must pass the  English proficiency test.
  8. It must be your first-degree program .
  9. You must be one who has recorded an excellent academic achievement despite coming from a poor background without the necessary resources to cater to your university education.

How to apply for the Donald A. Wehrung international scholarship

Apply online for the  Donald Wehrung scholarship award and also apply to the University of British Colombia for admission.

You are at liberty to suggest two courses on your application but one will be taken into consideration as far as this scholarship scheme is concerned. Please, click here to submit your application.

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