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International Flights Resume: 7 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Flying Into Nigeria

Many countries have resumed international flights after closing for a while because of the pandemic. Different reactions trail the resumption of international flights. Some are scared because the virus is still around. Still, others are happy because they can travel, especially many that became stranded on foreign soil due to international flights’ stoppage. Visitors to Nigeria should be aware of the extant Covid 19 regulations. That way, you do not break them unintentionally and endanger your health.

  Due to the excitement of flying again, many people might not think of the danger of traveling. Therefore, we have decided to list at least seven things that can act as a guide to visit Nigeria.

1. Do you have a valid PCR Certificate?

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Due to the virus, a lot of these questions would be health-related. Before traveling, do you have a negative Covid 19 Polymerize Chain Reaction certificate? If no, it is advisable you get it as Nigeria wouldn’t accept any other certificate. Getting the PCR certificate isn’t the only issue. You must also ensure that your PCR certificate came from an approved laboratory. There have been past instances of travelers faking PCR test results. Therefore there is a high likelihood that there will be intense scrutiny of your test results at the point of entry. To ensure that you have obtained your test result from an approved laboratory, check the Nigerian embassy’s list of approved laboratories to test for coronavirus.  

2. Have you uploaded your PCR on nitp.ncdc.gov.ng timeously?

Nigerian government guidelines require intending visitors to upload negative Covid-19 test results done through PCR timeously. Travelers must obtain their test result no more than 120 hours before the date of departure. Preferably, it also should be uploaded 48hours before departure.

3. Have you paid for a PCR retest in Nigeria?

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All intending travelers to Nigeria must do a PCR retest on the 7th day of their stay in Nigeria. If they do not test negative for the coronavirus, they must self-isolate for eight days.

4. What is the purpose of your journey? Is the trip worth it?

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 In times like this, it is safer to be at home than in transit. Therefore a critical question you must answer is whether or not your trip is worth it. Beyond the struggle of determining the availability of flights into Nigeria from your country, the various testing modalities and safety measures are factors to consider.

5. Are you willing to self-isolate for 8 days (assuming you have a negative retest on the seventh day)?

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 After you have reached Nigeria, you are required to self-isolate for 8 days after obtaining a negative covid-19 result on your PCR test. You must therefore ensure that your travel itinerary can accommodate that.

6. Is the hotel/accommodation you are staying at following the covid-19 guidelines?

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   It would be a sad thing indeed to contract coronavirus from the hotel or accommodation you are to stay in during your stay in Nigeria. It is essential to investigate if the accommodation is obeying coronavirus safety procedures. If not, change locations.  

7. Am I aware of the precautions I should take in public places in Nigeria?

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Make use of a face mask, avoid close contact with people, stay at least one meter away from the closest person to you. Also, prevent handshakes and body hugs. Always wash and sanitize your hands. In restaurants and other places where food is served, avoid food buffets because of the likelihood of proximity. Clean your hands when entering and leaving any public space. Avoid recirculated air from air conditioners and fans. Ensure that wherever you are is well ventilated.

If the answers to the above questions are in the affirmative, you are ready for your trip to Nigeria. All the best!

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