Laurentian University Academic Excellence Scholarship For 2021 Is Open For Application -Apply Now!

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Laurentian University Academic Excellence Scholarship

  • Scholarship Awarding Body: Laurentian University
  • Host Institution:  Laurentian University
  • Deadline: Currently open ( No deadline yet)
Laurentian scholarship 1024x768 1 Laurentian University Academic Excellence Scholarship For 2021 Is Open For Application -Apply Now!
Laurentian University Academic Excellence Scholarship For 2021 Is Open For Application -Apply Now!

Scholarship Description

Laurentian University Academic Excellence Scholarships are for high achieving students with unbeatable academic records. Laurentia University offers merit-based scholarships to international students undertaking their undergraduate scholarships at the university. The Laurentia university scholarship beneficiaries will have the honor of receiving a world-class university education in one of the best universities in Canada.

Laurentia university is one of the universities that offer world-class education to students across the globe. The university’s academic programs are tailored to meet the best interest of the students. The university provides an enabling environment for students to enhance learning. This is one of the best university for undergraduate studies with 9,600 students. The university offers about 170 programs from Bachelor to doctorate level. The university system is student-centered, and there is always room for dialogue that will lead to career development.

According to statistics from the Otanairo ministry of university and colleges, the Laurentia University graduates top the list in employability and productivity index in Otainario. Statistics have it that 94% of Laurentia university graduates are meaningfully employed six months after graduation.

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Eligibility Requirements for Laurentia university academic scholarships

Candidates must be able to meet the following requirements to qualify for the Laurentia University Excellence scholarships: 

You must be an international student enrolled in the university and must be buoyant enough to pay fees designed for international students.

You must be a newly admitted undergraduate student at the university.

You are not eligible for this scholarship if you are up to 60 years of age and are offered a fee waiver at the university.

The Laurentia University academic excellence scholarship is for all students admitted into the school based on their excellent academic performance. However, Students in the following disciplines are not eligible: Human Kinetics 

• Human Kinetics
• Nursing
• Mechanical Engineering
• Social Work
• Sports Administration
• Forensic Science,
• Midwifery
• Orthophonie
• Architecture
• Radiation Therapy
• Education

  • Eligible countries: International students
  • Gender restriction: There is no gender restriction for this scholarship.

Eligible course: Eligible candidates for this scholarship are students who are undertaking an open enrolment Bachelor’s degree program. The suitable fields include:

• Communications
• Mathematics
• Advertisement
• Visual studies
• Science
• Music
• Economics
• Engineering
• Humanities
• Communications

Value of scholarship

The value of scholarship for the Laurentia university academic excellence scholarship is merit-based and is renewal every year. The following is the value for this scholarship:

Students with an average grade of 90% 100% will be awarded a total sum of $60,000. $15,000 will be disbursed to beneficiaries in their first year. They will have to maintain their average to claim their award in subsequent years.

The university will award the scholarship to students with an average of 80% to 89% with a total financial reward of $40,000 within four years. The sum of $10 000 will be disbursed to beneficiaries in their first year. They are entitled to the financial benefit if they can maintain or exceed their previous grade point average.

Application Instructions

Eligible applicants are advised to visit the website and submit their applications kindly. Before submitting their applications, applicants must ensure that they meet the requirements. Visit the official Laurentian University Academic Excellence Scholarship website to get detailed information about this scholarship and apply.

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