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Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Opportunity For African Students At University Of Cape Town


CLOSING DATE:   30, September 2020

The master card foundation is inviting African students who are pursuing their first undergraduate and postgraduate programs to submit their application for a scholarship opportunity to study at the University of Capet Town. Successful students will be granted the opportunity to study at the university of cape town on a fully sponsored scholarship scheme for the 2020/2021 academic session.

The objective of this initiative is to provide students with a world-class university education that will give them that will serve as a formidable foundation towards driving global change. This scheme provides individuals with the opportunity of creating a meaningful impact in the workforce. It is aimed at equipping an individual towards becoming a job creator and not a job seeker based on the principle of social justice and patriotism.

This scholarship program is fully sponsored and it is renewed every year based on the condition that the student keeps a clean academic with his excellent performance.  Beneficiaries of this scheme will be required to express the desire to come back to their home country upon graduation to make their contribution towards the economic breakthrough of their countries.

University of Cape town, South Africa

Value of this Scholarship Opportunity

The scholarship opportunity offers beneficiaries full financial aid that covers their tuition fee, study permit,  accommodation, health insurance, living cost, and transportation.

Beneficiaries of this scholarship opportunity students have the opportunity to obtain a university education with a curriculum that is internationally and locally relevant.

It creates an avenue for academic mentorship to spur students towards achieving giant strides academically.

This scheme grants individuals the opportunity of inclusiveness as it creates an avenue to brainstorm on how to profer panacea to the economic and moral upheaval in society.

Leadership skill development opportunity.

A strong network for the alumni for future support.

Opportunity for career internship and mentorship that will take you to the peak of your career to increase more opportunities for you in the workforce.

Eligibility for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Opportunity

Applicants of this MasterCard scholarship scheme must be:

  1. Intellectually sound and lovers of knowledge and learning who are determined to further their education.
  2. Must come from an economically disadvantaged background that does not grant him the privilege of furthering his education.
  3. Must be one who is determined to drive social and economic change in his community by way reciprocating the favors granted to through this MasterCard scholarship scheme.

Application for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Opportunity

To qualify to apply for the Mastercard scholarship scheme, students must first apply for admission to the University of Cape Town.

While applying for admission at the University of Cape Town it is instructive that students acquaint themselves with relevant information for proper guidance.

The students should know the requisite requirement for admission at the University of Cape Town and the relevant courses for undergraduate and postgraduate programs respectively by making time to read the university’s admission guide book.

Gather your required credentials to increase your chance of being offered admission.  

Submit your application online.

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To apply, please click this link

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