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Mena Scholarship Programme 2020 Is Here -Apply Now!


Closure date  for Mena scholarship programme 2020  Application: 13, October 2020

Mena scholarship programme 2020 is ongoing. The scholarship awarding body awards employees who live and work in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Iran, Lebanon, Algeria, and Jordan scholarship annually. The paramount goal of this program is to enable the organizers to contribute their quota to human capital development.  this scholarship scheme is aimed at equipping the beneficiaries of this initiative in the aspect of human capacity building and also aimed at tightening the bond between the Netherlands and the participating countries.  Although this scholarship opportunity is offered to a single person, the participant must be recommended by the management of the organization the applicant is working with.

Tips on how to write a scholarship application cover letter

Globemigrant. Mena scholarship programme 2020.


  1. You must be an employee resident in the country listed above.
  2. You must be able to provide an official recommendation note from the management of the organization you are working with.
  3. You must be an employer of an organization that does not have its medium of staff growth. Examples of such establishments are; Shell, USAID,  Microsoft FinAID, ADC, etc.
  4. You must own a valid passport that will still be legally binding three months after the submission of your application.
  5. The applicant’s age must not exceed 45.

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