A Perfect Guide to Monaco Visa Application

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Why do you need a Monaco Visa?

Monaco is the delight of many tourists and business owners. As an individual working in Monaco, you are free from paying income tax, and companies established by foreign firms in Monaco pay low taxes. This beautiful sovereign state offers a plethora of attractions that span from big casinos to exotic resorts. The mild climate over there will certainly make your stay even more enjoyable. However, having access to all these things means you require a Monacan visa. Here’s a complete guide for a successful Monacan visa application.

Eligibility for Monaco visa

In 1963, an accord between Monaco and France was signed. As a result of this signed accord and close interactions between these two nations, if your travel passport grants you access to the French territory without applying for a visa, it means you won’t also need a visa if you ever decide to visit Monaco. With a visa issued by a French consulate and permit in hand, access into Monaco is also granted. It is allowing you to stay in the Monacan territory for as long as your visa permits. 

This means that with a passport capable of visiting the Schengen area/territory in hand, you can take a trip to the beautiful nation of Monaco irrespective of the fact that Monaco does not officially belong to the Schengen region. Making this possible is the signed accord allying the French and Monacans.

However, as an individual cannot visit France without a visa, applying for a visa becomes a prerequisite to visit and live in Monaco.

The pact between Monaco and France:

On the 18th of May in the year 1963, a consensus was reached between the leaders of both nations to control the way Monacan and French nationals move across their territories. Also, how tourists, as well as immigrants, can travel from Monaco to France or from France to Monaco. 

According to the agreement:

  • The movement of Monacan and French citizens is not restricted when they are in each other’s regions.
  • The laws that apply to the way foreigners enter and stay in Monaco are drafted in line with the French laws that oversee such affairs.

As a result, Monaco does not have an existing system for processing requests for a travel permit. Requests for a Monaco visa is handled at a French consulate. The paragraphs that follow will state the steps by which visa requests are made.

Type of Monaco Visa

Based on your reasons for visiting, here are the types of visas available:

  • Visa for tourists 
  • Visa for study purposes
  • Visa for medical purposes 
  • Visa for business 
  • Visa for religious or cultural purposes
  • Others (this option is available when your purpose of the visit isn’t among the ones listed)

Procedures for getting a Monaco visa

When applying for a Monaco visa, you follow the same procedures required for getting a French visa. Here is a list of the general steps involved in applying for your visa.

  1. Identify the type of travel document needed
  2. Find out where you will submit your application; a consulate, visa center, or embassy
  3. Obtain the form for making the request. Fill in all mandatory details
  4. Get the necessary credentials the Schengen territories need.
  5. All payable fees should be made to process the visa.
  6. Get an appointment for your question and answer session at the embassy.
  7. Having the necessary documents in hand, attend the interview
  8. Wait for feedback

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Paperwork required to apply for a Monaco visa

The typical paperwork required if you want to visit Monaco for a short period is given as follows;

  • A formal request form

This should be filled with accurate details that are in agreement with other accompanying papers. You can obtain your copy of this form from Monaco’s official website or any authorized issuer nearest to you.

  • Photographs

Submitting your request alongside two photos along affixed to your application is mandatory. Photos affixed should both be similar in all respect. When taking the photographs, you should ensure the backdrop is plain and take the pictures without big jewelry pieces. 

  • International Identification 

An official document (national passport) issued not more than ten years ago from the appropriate authorities will be required if your passport is not valid for three extra months ahead of your expected departure date. It is also necessary that it has a minimum of an empty sheet to attach a visa.

  • Filled passports

In a situation where you have a passport(s) that got filled up due to your numerous travels, making them available will be useful for the process. For passports from two and above, using rubber to bind them together is preferable. Please avoid stapling them together. 

  • Photocopy of personal information 

Include a photocopy of the page (s) your personal information contained within your international passport.

  • Travel Papers

Travel papers showing your expected travel routes are needed.

  • Health Insurance

This is needed to handle situations where visitors fall ill as they spend time in the visited region. Your insurance must have coverage that spans through all twenty-six Schengen territories.

  • Cover letter

It is necessary to inform the review officers at the consulate of the duration and your reasons for visiting through a letter.

  • Evidence of accommodation

Shreds of evidence such as accommodation bookings, an invitation letter from someone resident in Monaco, or a rented apartment contract are necessary to validate your accommodation status.

  • Financial Records

It is pertinent that you have sufficient funds to cater to your basic needs as you reside in the region for the allocated period. Your account transaction history will be requested to be reviewed. If an organization/individual is responsible for your financial needs, it should be communicated by those responsible through a letter. 

Depending on your occupation, some work-related paperwork will be needed. Also, your reason for visiting may attract extra paperwork.

Additional documents required for an extended stay in Monaco 

If you desire to stay in Monaco for an extended period, it’ll be required you provide other documents in addition to the ones usually needed.

  • Evidence showing you have never experienced bankruptcy.
  • A written agreement between an employer in Monaco and you.
  • If your purpose is marriage, you are required to provide certification to unite with your partner. 
  • For those that got employed in Monaco, a document granting him/her to work in Monaco is attached when applying.
  • To show that you have been on the right side of the law, it is required that you obtain a legal paper given by relevant authorities in the country where you reside.
  • Staying for a time longer than that customarily offered will require an accommodation for your entire stay. Hence it’ll be needed that proofs from hotels or rented apartments are provided to show that you have where to stay for the whole of the period.

Payable fees

The applicant pays a certain fee to conclude the visa request. The fee paid for a Monaco visa also applies to other Schengen territories. Payable fees for individuals are highlighted below:

  • The amount charged for adults cost €65
  • Children younger than 12 are charged €35
  • Children younger than 6 are not charged.

It might interest you to know that specific individual are not subject to paying any fee when processing their visa. There are discounts for certain countries.

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Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take to process the visa?

Wherever you are in the world, it takes the French consulate ten working days to process a Monaco visa application. This date can vary due to the number of applicants at a particular time. Also, the average time it takes to process a visa increases during summer.

What will I do if my application is rejected?

If your application was rejected, an appeal could be made to the embassy through a letter.

Visa rejections can be avoided if mistakes were made while you applied for your visa. Also, to increase your request’s chances of being accepted, check for some questions frequently asked during visa interviews.

When should I apply for my visa?

You are permitted to apply for your visa two weeks before your plan to exit your country or three months beforehand. Applying within these periods is more conducive for you and also the embassy.

How long am I permitted to live in Monaco with my visa?

Inside a window of six months, you are allowed 90days to roam free in Monaco. Extending time allocated to you beyond this date will result in the violation of the visa validity. You should ensure you avoid this.

Do citizens of the United States need a visa to visit Monaco? 

Yes, as an inhabitant of the US with an international passport offered by the relevant authorities, you can travel to Monaco without a visa. However, if you reside there, a visa application will be needed.

Can I visit Monaco visa-free with my UK passport?

Yes, as an inhabitant of the UK with an international passport offered by the relevant authorities, you can travel to Monaco without a visa. However, if you reside there, a visa application will be needed.

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