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Obama Foundation Scholars 2020/2021 For Rising Leaders At The University Of Colombia

Obama foundation scholars 2020. Globemigrant.


Deadline: Dec. 13, 2020,  midnight (eastern standard time)

The Obama Foundation Scholars 2020 is an international student scholarship scheme that grooms prospective leaders across the globe who have been found to possesses sterling leadership qualities that can propel their communities to attain giant developmental strides. These proven leadership qualities will be evident in the scholar’s ingenuity to identify some of the seemingly insurmountable hurdles that impede the development of his community and his commitment and dedication towards proffering solutions to them. During the pendency of this academic program, scholars will be provided with an enabling environment, embellished with an interconnected network of ideas that will hone his leadership skills and deepen his intellectual acumen to enable him to contribute enormously to the development of his own country.

Obama Foundation Scholars 2020. Globemigrant 1024x683 1 Obama Foundation Scholars 2020/2021 For Rising Leaders At The University Of Colombia
The Obama Foundation scholars 2020 . Globemigrant.

Eligibility for Obama foundation scholars 2020

For one to be a beneficiary of the Obama Foundation Scholars 2020 scholarship scheme at the University of  Columbia, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have the willingness to serve and lead in the community, region, and country outside the USA and the determination to return to your community at the end of your program to put to practical use the principles of the leadership skills and training inculcated to you in the course of the program for the general good of your country.
  2. You must be eloquent in the English language (both in  speaking  and in writing )
  3. You must possess the capacity and desire to drive positive change in the community 
  4. You must be a rising leader that has made remarkable achievement in his discipline and now desiring to get to the pick of your career.
  5. You must possess leadership qualities that bear eloquent testimony to your honesty, inclusivity, stewardship, courage, doggedness, and solidarity.

Worth of Scholarship

  1. complete School fees for about four-course at the  University of Colombia
  2. A well-equipped accommodation within the environs of Columbia University
  3. Monthly Allowance
  4. Free health care and life insurance during the pendency of the course.
  5. Free Flights ticket both going and coming back including other tours that relate to the program.
  6. Leadership development training is organized by the foundation to equip scholars with world-class leadership skills that will help them back home.


the complete application processes are to be submitted online using this link

The following are the conditions for application

  1. A copy of your CV
  2. A Brief Article, chronicling your achievements so far.
  3. Confirmation of your fluency in the English Language  
  4. A personal statement on video record (which will be submitted as a YouTube link).

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