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Out Now, The UNU-BIOLAC Data Entry And Curation Internship 2021

UNU-BIOLAC Data Entry And Curation Internship 2021

  • Awarding Body: the UNU-BIOLAC
  • Host Institution:  
  • Deadline: Ongoing

The UNU-BIOLAC is a capability-building program for individuals in the UNU organization for biotechnology. 

The grant is to facilitate eligible tools for research and training purposes for individuals in biotechnology to support and contribute to the Latin American region’s social and economic growth. These schedules are to preserve the equilibrium between science disciplines, modern civilization, and technology.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Eligible Countries/ Regions: not stated 
  • Gender Restrictions: no gender restrictions
  • Age Restrictions: no gender restrictions 

General Eligibility Requirements 

Applicants should 

 Be in a BSc program in sciences, communications, journalism, worldwide studies, or fields that are related

  • Show skills in the word document applications
  • Show skills in the desired English language requirements
  • Show strong interest to work with the united nation’s institution of higher education generally uniquely in the section of biotechnology in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Provide a development database and content-based management system properties 

Required proficiencies 

  • Oriented Results
  • Oriented quality
  • teamwork
  • creativity

Skill to work within close-fitting timelines

The intern will be handling the database data entry and curation under the supervision of the senior subordinate 

The project demands to be completed on or before the end of the contract

Applicants are expected to take the following assignment

  • make available research support for data entry verification from the sponsors, institutions, and other partners involved
  • provide support continuously for establishments and collect various data from the sources 
  • Support the development through the online knowledge base of the institution
  • support other duty allotted on the platform

Application Instructions 

  • Application submission should be through applications.unu.biolac@gmail.com 
  • Provide a cover letter entailing how your experiences and capability 
  • Make sure the cover letter matches with the above discipline chosen
  • Include the publication reference number of the vacancy in the subject 
  • A complete form
  • A reorganized resume as well as previous work and academic experience

Click here to visit the Application Website 

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