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Chevening Oxford Center For Islamic Studies (OCIS) Fellowship. Apply Now!

Globe. Migrant. Chevening Oxford center for Islamic Studies.

Deadline:  12 GMT. 3 November 2020

Chevening oxford center for Islamic Studies (OCIS) Fellowship is an annual initiative in partnership with the Chevening community. These two bodies are the sole organizers of this fellowship in London.  The beneficiaries of this initiative are mid-professionals who are committed to the furtherance of educational research towards attaining an in-depth knowledge of the Islamic core principles as it relates to culture and civilization in our modern-day society.  Candidates will be availed with the opportunity of interacting with multifaceted experts with profound knowledge of the core principles of Islamism and a vast array of an interconnected network of intellectuals who will acquaint them with a profound knowledge of Islamic history and the unique role it plays in science, economics, finance, etc.

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. Globemigrant. 1024x683 1 Chevening Oxford Center For Islamic Studies (OCIS) Fellowship. Apply Now!
Globe Migrant. Chevening oxford center for Islamic studies (OCIS) fellowship.

Benefit for the Chevening Oxford center for Islamic Studies (OCIS) fellowship

  1. Financial benefit for research related exercises.
  2. Free flight ticket from their home country to the Uk.
  3. Opportunity to participate in cultural ceremonies anchored by the FCO and the Chevening Body.
  4. Fully Funded   six months of intensive research


Eligibility criteria for the Chevening Oxford Center for Islamic studies (OCIS) fellowship is as follows:

  1. You must be able to display the ability to ascend to the echelon of leadership in your chosen career.
  2.   You must be native of the following countries: Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Libya,  Algeria =, Malaysia,  Jordan, Kazakhstan, Russia,  Jordan,  Sudan, Syria,  Morocco, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan.
  3. You Must have acquired a  valid postgraduate   certification  at the time of  this application
  4. You must express a strong desire to come back upon the completion of your program.
  5. You Must have British dual citizenship.
  6. Must have at least five years of research experience.
  7. You must  have proof of English Proficiency 


Candidates should submit their application for the oxford center for Islamic Studies (OCIS) fellowship using the website link.                                     

Candidates should be able to write a brief concept note or research proposal that will serve as the blueprint of their research in the area of their research interests.  Click here to get the detailed information regarding this fellowship.

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