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Application For 2021 Artificial Intelligence Of Computer Graphics Engineer Internship At Samsung Is Ongoing

Computer graphics engineer internship  at Samsung  

  • Awarding Body: Samsung Internship program
  • Deadline: 28th-02-2021

The above internship aims to research and develop new technologies by establishing a cooperative environment between academia and industry. The Samsung Research of America’s goal is to build an innovative culture that creates new initiatives into the unexpected precipitately. The Samsung research America portrays an essential role in the forthcoming generation of software package discovery, future inventions’ services, and user experience.

Eligibility Requirements 

Eligible Countries/ Regions: available to all

Gender Restrictions: No gender restrictions

Age Restrictions: No age restrictions

General Eligibility Requirements and qualification

  • Applicants are to obtain a BSc and MSc degree in computer science or any related field of study or related experience
  • Applicants must be able to program (required program language is C++)
  • Applicants must have a unity-3D engine experience
  • Machine learning
  • Applicants must be knowledgeable of the 3D graphics experiences
  • Tensorflow and Keras

Note: though not required, python, android, and VR/AR might be an extra

Scholarship Value 

  • Applicants will be eligible to acquire essential modules for the next framework for the next AR google using machine learning
  • Applicants will be eligible to use the unity-3D engine to develop 3D visuals and AR apps, which is for the generation of data used for machine learning.
  • to develop new ML models, applicants will make use of TensorFlow and Keras 

Apply, click here

Application Website 

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