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Globe Migrant has partnerships with firms that handle immigration and reviews for experess visa entry in to Canada, and Uk/US visa reviews.

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Globe Migrant offers experienced and comprehensive help for a wide range of immigration needs

We have partnerships with firms that handle UK and US visa rejection reviews, particularly for those that have elements of bias and injustice.

These partnership firms can handle litigation in the respective countries. We leverage on these connections as a reputable intermediary to ensure that our clients get the best services.


We have partnerships and agreements with travel agencies, hotel booking sites and platforms to help our clients to get discounted rates for all their travel needs.

Scholarships And Admission

We have a comprehensive list of scholarship and admission opportunities for international students. We work with thousands of schools across the world on both direct (we are their partners directly) as well as indirect platforms (with other agents or third parties).

We can help you get into any school in Asia, Australia, Europe and America. We’ll connect you with scholarship opportunities that match your requirements—and then make sure that those scholarships are within reach of your budget.

Overseas Jobs

We provide a regular listing of job opportunities overseas, and we can help people living in other countries apply for those jobs.

Once they have applied, we use our expertise to ensure that the person qualifies for the job by presenting their credentials in the best possible way.


We offer excellent immigration services and citizenship applications under the various citizenship programmes that the US,UK, Canada and Shengen offers.

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