Temporary Residents In Canada Have Till Summer 2021 To Restore Their Status

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Canada is one of the most amazing countries anyone would love to be in. Interestingly the country has a lot of amazing benefits for its citizens. You would probably wonder, who are temporary residents? Temporary residents live in another country for short periods based on their visas and residential status. These people are not necessarily citizens themselves.

They stay there probably for their education, business and even for relaxation. More than 51 thousand Nigerians reside in Canada, more than 34 thousand Africans reside in Canada currently.  

Many people love to reside in this country (Canada). They feel that they could stay there for as long as they want. Sadly, the Canadian government has recently instructed that all temporary residents in the countries should update and restore their residential status on or before summer this year.

Every temporary resident has his or her fixed and particular period to stay in the country. However, if you intend to extend your stay in the country, you would have to apply to restore your country’s residential status.

Who are those who are even eligible to apply for status restoration? You would want to ask, well. I’ll discuss that in this paragraph. Amazingly, you would think that everyone who is a temporary resident in Country Canada is fully eligible to restore his or her status, sadly that’s not true.

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The status restoration is basically for people who have been in the country since last year, precisely from January to May 2020. This set of people have been residents of the country since the temporary residents status expired. This is eligibility because most of the temporary residents were not even residents from January last year. Hence, the country wants to find out those people who have been residing there from January 2020 either for school purposes, business, or even tourism.

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Another eligibility for the status restoration is the payment of application fees. You would need to pay the status restoration application fee on time. It’s very vital to apply early, so your application gets accepted. Most people feel that they shouldn’t apply on time. Rather, they should wait till the summer deadline to pay their fees.

This doesn’t seem right as it could hinder your application process. A great piece of advice to work with would be to start getting your money for the application fee ready as to avoid flimsy excuses when it gets to the summer. You would have to be very proactive and apt. Make your payments as soon as possible. This would enhance your chances of having a successful application.

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Another eligibility would be that you have stayed and resided in Canada since your entry, and you also have lost your temporary residents status, or it is expired. This eligibility requirement is very important because if you haven’t lost your temporary residents status, there will be no need to get an updated one. Also, you must have resided in the country since you came in.

It’s also very important. The government officials want to strategically know how many people are full residents of their country.

The Deadline for the status update is 31st August 2021. All the temporary residents in Canada are expected to update their status on or before this date.

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