Ten Delectable Ghana Dishes You Must Try Out

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Are you a lover of African dishes? We have compiled the list of the ten most famous Ghana dishes you cannot afford to miss. A lot of things define the culture and way of life of a people. And one of the distinctive factors that determine a culture is the dishes found in that cultural milieu. It is on the basis that this article is going to focus on the ten most famous Ghana dishes you must try out whenever you are visiting Ghana.

Ghana possesses a rich cultural heritage, hospitable people, a nature-friendly environment, and citizens with exceptional culinary skills. The tantalizing aroma that oozes from the average Ghanian kitchen and restaurant will arouse your appetite and keep you craving a taste.

Ghanaian cultural dishes are prepared from local crops and spices such as the Ghana local rice, beans, vegetable, millet, corn, cassava, plantain, and tomato.

10 Ghana Dishes to Try Out

Here is a list of the ten most popular Ghana dishes to try out when visiting the country. 

1. Ghana Jollof

Ghana Jollof Ten Delectable Ghana Dishes You Must Try Out
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If you are at home with African dishes, you probably must have heard about Ghana Jollof. Legendary Ghana Jollof is indubitably one of the most popular African dishes. This unique dish is prepared with tomato, local spices and inundated with a plethora of meat and fishes. This dish, whose origins can be traced to Senegal, has ignited numerous online debates about which country prepares the best Jollof. Irrespective of stance, the Ghana Jollof remains unique. This yellowish, spice ridden dish is a favorite delicacy for many Ghanaians.

2. Waakye

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This is a yummy and sumptuous dish that portrays Ghanaian innovative culinary skills. Made from rice, Waakye is a spicy blend of beans and rice. This food which originated from the northern part of Ghana has grown in popularity over the years. It is now one of the most famous Ghanaian dishes. A taste of this dish will ignite an appetitive craving on your taste bud and keep you longing for this delicacy. Waakye is often served with fried plantain, Spaghetti, Garri, and avocado.

3. Banku and Tilapia

Ten Delectable Ghana Dishes You Must Try Out
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The banku and tilapia combo is a popular Ghanaian street meal – a favourite among locals. The luscious freshwater fish, Tilapia, is prepared with spices and grilled. Banku, on the other hand is a cassava dough and fermented corn medley, which is well grilled and spiced. This meal is popular amongst Ghanaians living in the coastal regions of the country.

4. Red-red

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This sumptuous local delicacy prepared from cowpea beans potage is rated as one of the top ten Ghana dishes. This pottage is served with fried plantain and palm oil. Red-red contains minimal spices as its prominent flavor comes naturally. Red-red is a perfect meal for vegetarians as there are no traces of animal meat or spices.


5. Fufu and Goat Light Soup

Fufu and Goat Light Soup Ten Delectable Ghana Dishes You Must Try Out
Image credit: wikipedia

Fufu and Goat light soup is crowned the king of all dishes amongst the natives of Ghana’s eastern regions. Initially an Akan cultural dish , but it has recently become one of the most popular national dishes. Even though Fufu is a popular meal among Africans, this one is unique. The reason – it consists of a mixture of boiled cassava and plantain well pounded and blend into a smooth, sticky paste. The soup sauce is made from tomatoes with other nourishing ingredients to enhance the flavor of the soup. 

6. Kenkey and Fried Fish

Kenkey and Fried Fish1 Ten Delectable Ghana Dishes You Must Try Out
Image credit: wikipedia

Kenkey is another delectable dish made from corn. This meal is distinct from Banku that is made from fermented corn dough and wrapped with corn leaves. The Kenkey and Fried Fish are served with peppery sauce, fish or octopus, and fried crabs. This delicious delicacy is most prevalent in Accra. It appears to be one of the most cherished delicacies amongst the locals. If you are a visitor who wants to taste Ghana’s cultural dishes, you can never go wrong with Kenkey and dry fish. 

7. Boiled yam or Plantain with Kontomire Stew

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Image credit: wikipedia

One unique thing about most Ghanaian traditional dishes is the use of different kinds of vegetable leaves, herbs, and other local spices. The highly nourishing Kointomire stew is a delicacy prepared from fresh cocoyam leaves, boiled egg, and salted fish. This dish is excellent with boiled yam, avocado, and plantain. The flavor and aroma of this dish are pure bliss.

8. Omo Tuo (Rice molds)

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Omo Tuo is a delectable and sumptuous local meal that portrays Ghanaians creativity in preparing rice delicacy. The rice is first cooked, then molded into balls and served concurrently with well-prepared stew or soup.

9. Kelewele

Kelewele braperucci.africa Ten Delectable Ghana Dishes You Must Try Out
Image credit: kelewele

This delicacy is prepared to be savored as a side meal or snacks. The physical look of this dish, though appealing, does not do justice to it. It is hard to hate kelewele, not even those pepper allergies. Kelewele is made from soft ripe plantain immersed to absorb garlic, pepper, and ginger. The lingering and crunchy aroma of this dish is tantalizing and irresistible.

10. Tuo Zaafi

Ten Delectable Ghana Dishes You Must Try Out
Ten Delectable Ghana Dishes You Must Try Out

One distinctive feature that characterizes northern Ghanaian dishes is the dominant use of grains,  meat, and herbs while preparing them. Tuo Zaafi remains one of the most nourishing meals among Ghana dishes because of the natural spices and herbs used in preparing this delectable delicacy. 

Similar to Banku, Tuo Zaafi is softer and less sticky. This dish consists of a well-blended mixture of cassava and corn dough.  The addition of Ayoyo leaves and Dawadawa enhances the soup’s flavor.


Have you savored any of the dishes listed above? Please, if you have not, do well to give yourself a treat by having a taste of these tantalizing delicacies. They are a true reflection of the Ghanaian culinary skill in preparing phenomenal meals that take those who taste them to an Eldorado of pleasure.

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