Ten Ways Students Stranded Overseas Can Make Money

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The coming of the Corona Virus pandemic has changed the way we live throughout the world. Educational institutions, shopping centers, public places, hotels, restaurants are all closed.

It may be a little bit easy for students living with their families. But, it might be tough for students who are overseas and are unable to earn money via regular part-time jobs.

The solution is to work and earn money from home. Here, Globemigrant has mentioned a few ways students can earn money despite the pandemic.

1. Freelancing

freelancing globemigrant
Photo by Paige Cody

This involves making money online while utilizing your specific skills. There are many online platforms that help you sell your skills. A few are Freelancer, Upwork, Medium, Fivver, etc.

These platforms help you find work online that relates to your field of study or interests. There are options like marketing, writing, translation, advertising, art, science, computer, humanities, etc.

If you are a writer, you can write articles for many employers. If you are a software engineer, you can work on various computer applications. Also, if you are in human resources management, you can find projects to work on.

Start by signing up, setting up your payment account and finding your desired job.

2. Online tutoring

green and white braille typewriter
Photo by Markus Winkler

They say the best way to learn, remember, and excel at everything you have learned, is to teach what you have learned. Students overseas can earn money by becoming online tutors.

You can take it a step further by tutoring children in your vicinity and get paid for it. This service is in demand now, due to the lockdown of most towns and cities. Parents are complaining about how hectic homeschooling their children is. This is where you step in.

3. Build tech support for local shops

MacBook Pro near green potted plant on table
Photo by Kevin Bhagat

Local shops in your area may not have online shopping facilities. You can build software or some form of tech support for them so customers can order online.  By so doing, you become a mediator and earn a commission.

Also, you can help local shop owners spread their message to the local people via the Internet. Some may not know a lot about marketing their goods and services online, this is where you step in.

4. Online Jobs

man in white crew neck t-shirt using black laptop computer
Photo by Yogendra Singh

There are many companies that hire online workers. In this COVID-19 era, there could be some jobs for students. You can apply as a translator, blogger, or researcher. In every field, online jobs are available, especially in this COVID-19 times where companies are seeking online help. Online jobs are in demand because there is a limit to how much virtual presence companies can get.

5. Research work/ Research Assistant

men's blue collared top near silver MacBook
Photo by Austin Distel

There are many writers who need help in their research work. This is where you can come in as a student. Besides earning money, it would serve as a great learning opportunity.

As a student, you may know people in your school or other institutions who are carrying out research.  You could assist them according to your skills. You can also do your own research work and earn money via freelancing websites. Teaching research skills online would also be a plus.

 6. YouTube channel/tutorials

YouTube screengrab
Photo by Kon Karampelas

Feel free to start a YouTube channel to teach others skills you are proficient in.  

You can also tell others about your experiences while living in this COVID-19 times. You could also share what you are doing to survive as a student living away from home. This way, you can attract people who are also experiencing the same things, to your channel.

If you happen to be a good entertainer, you could make money by creating funny videos. Since there is a rise in the need for fun, comedy or entertainment in general, you can cash in on this need.  You can be an analyzer of movies. People love to watch movies and they would love to see reviews of the movies.

The more views you get, the more money you make. But, make sure you do not do anything that is not safe.

Voicing audiobooks can also bring you some money. If you have a good command of a language, you can voice audiobooks. Some freelancing websites provide a means of meeting people who need this service online.  

7. Provide services from home

person beside vehicle
Photo by Olive Goodman

If you have a skill. If you can cook well. If you can make hair, fix cars, or sew clothes. You could reach out to the people around you to provide your services for an agreed fee. But, don’t be greedy.  

All you have to do is create an online platform to market your services within your locality, then you can start earning.

8. Baby-sitting

girl and toddler sits on gray wooden planks during daytime
Photo by Jens Johnsson

As we know, most companies or organizations now need staff to work from home. Parents are busy with their office work. It is tough for them to take care of their children while working. Students can talk to the people they know and ask if there are any opportunities for baby-sitting. With good health care, people would love to have this work done. Feel free to cash in.

9. Help During Coronavirus Pandemic

woman in red knit cap and red jacket holding white smartphone
Photo by kian zhang

Every government is working hard to see its nation through the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, there is a need for more helping hands and resources to overcome the situation. There can be jobs for students. As a student, you can apply and can earn some money while ensuring you maintain the utmost safety.

10. Work as a virtual assistant

man sitting in front of silver MacBook
Photo by Austin Distel

Many persons and organizations need the services of an assistant. Tasks like, taking calls from customers, replying to official emails, providing technical support, posting on social media, or blogging, might be up for grabs. As a student, you could find jobs like these that are doable at home, then apply.

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