African Young Innovators For Health Award Opens For Applications

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The African Young Innovators for Health Award

  • Awarding Body: the African Young Innovators Award
  • Deadline: 31-03-2021

The African young innovations for health award are proposing an award designed to support pioneering young entrepreneurs developing health innovators. The first-timer designed competition goals are to encourage business entrepreneurship and help advance promising health care solutions that support empower health care workers.

Nevertheless, the award is looking for innovative healthcare solutions to support, protect, and empower healthcare workers through solutions like training programs, providing protective equipment, or improving healthcare quality.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Eligible Countries/ Regions: African regions only
  • Gender Restrictions: No gender restrictions
  • Age Restrictions: Between 18 and 35 at the time of applying for the award

General Eligibility Requirements 

  • Applicants are to demonstrate how their inventive healthcare solution is scalable and measurable
  • Applicants must build up a lasting impact on healthcare workers.
  • Applicants must show that their innovation is commercially feasible and at least at the verification of concept phase
  • Applicants submission will be evaluated based on their innovation
  • Applicants submissions must demonstrate at first an innovative character, which means that it must break new ground and meet a challenge in its city, country, or region
  • Applicants must demonstrate innovations that are scaled up and are used in a wider region of the country, or the neighboring countries, or across the globe
  • Applicants will be evaluated based on their impact as they demonstrate a sustainable and measurable impact on health.

Note: It will be very important if the applicants not only demonstrate that the program supports, equip, protects, and trains health workers but that it is measurable and can be maintained and is, therefore, sustainable

  • Applicants will be evaluated based on their commercial viability is that the innovation must be commercially viable, so we have to see that it is a business proposition and that it can be completed resourcefully with its competitors and make a profit.

For more information, read the faq

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