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8 Countries With The Weirdest Traditions And Customs


Subculture and traditions are the maximum indispensable part of every society. Every nation, tribe, religion, or any other group of people have cultures and traditions that form part of a vital aspect of their lives. Religions have customs and practices commemorating milestones like marriage and death. Many of these customs may seem weird to an outsider. Here are eight incredible countries with the weirdest traditions and customs.

8. Pointing with lips in Nicaragua

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The hand is the most commonly used method of gesturing. Not in Nicaragua. It is common for Nicaraguans to point with their lips instead of a thumb or index finger used in other cultures. Also, note that it is considered rude in some cultures to point with a finger.

Lip gestures are also used during verbal exchanges to show that an event is taking place at a nearby location. So, wearing a duck face does not signify allure Nicaragua. Instead, it means they want to point out something – one better described with lips.

7. Kissing in France

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Every culture has specific rules for greeting. Latin American and Roman cultures share a custom of kissing each close cherished ones and new friends on the cheek as a salutation. 

The French, on the other hand, practice this custom on an entirely new level. “La Bise” is the act of joining cheeks and kissing loudly into the air. There are detailed directions for these. These include the cheek to kiss (right or left), whom to kiss, how, and the occasions.

6. Using the left hand

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In some countries like Sri Lanka, India, and many parts of Africa, the use of the left hand for eating or different activities is considered rude and insulting.

Many of these cultures also consider using the left hand for cleaning after toilet use to be grimy.

Therefore, it is advisable in these parts of the world to consciously use your right hand for greeting, handling products, changing cash, eating, and even when handling the business.

5. Living With The Dead in Indonesia

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Here is another weird tradition that we absolutely must talk about., the custom celebrated among the Toraja people of the Sulawesi region, Indonesia.

It is common to bury our dead; however, the people of Sulawesi do something bizarre and disturbing; they live with the dead bodies for some months before organizing the proper funeral and burial ceremony!

According to them, they celebrate this custom to ensure the good fortune of their deceased family members.

4. Magpies in the UK

Almost every culture has superstitions tied towards luck or goodwill. Some of these practices range from merely being weird to irrational and even absurd.

Magpies are a remarkable example of this. Some local American tribes have a long held lifestyle of sporting a magpie feather as a sign of fearlessness. However, many Christian communities accept that seeing a lone magpie means something sorrowful is coming your way. 

Over the years,numerous traditions have arisen to beat the horrific foreboding. Some human beings salute,others say excellent morning to the solo fowl,even as others will settle for doffing their hat.

In the British Army, the Magpies hold an honorary rank.

3. Red Envelopes in China

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Many cultures have traditions to mark key events in their calendar. On Christmas eve, some people pin stockings to mantelpieces. Others leave mince pies and a tipple out for Father Christmas. In China, the Chinese new year is celebrated by gifting crimson envelopes containing cash. 

Parents and grandparents often gift these to their kids as part of the celebrations.

2. Christmas Defecation in Catalonia

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Are you familiar with the candy little nativity scenes, which are so prevalent in Spain and Portugal (and many other international locations) at Christmas? In Catalonia, there may be a culture of adding to the scene utilizing inclusive of the caganer. The caganer is a small figurine of a man with his trousers around his ankles while defecating. This uncommon addition to the nativity symbolizes good luck, with the caganer fertilizing the earth.

1. Cheese-rolling in England

This culture is already held for two hundred years in Gloucester. Every year on the final Monday in May additionally, participants stand on top of the Coopers Hill anticipating an enormous wheel to roll a Double Gloucester Cheese off the hill. When the cheese begins rolling, everybody attempts to chase it; slipping, tripping, and tumbling down the way.

The primary one who catches the cheese can preserve it!

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