5 Interesting Things To Do In Tokyo This Pandemic

The novel coronavirus outbreak has torn the world apart. The virus has loosened the bond that knits and binds the human race together. It has made us more isolated and disconnected from each other. It has contaminated the joyous and vivifying atmosphere that characterizes human activities. 

Thus, With the shutdown of global activities to curb the virus’s spread, the world is stuck in the middle of nowhere. Tokyo is no exception as the Country has employed so many precautionary measures to contain the virus. One of the precautionary measures put in place is the temporary ban of over 159 nations from entering the Country. In this vein, foreign nationals who intend to visit Tokyo will have to wait or confirm if their countries are exempted from the ban.

However, despite the shutdown of public institutions, tourist centers like Tokyo, Disneyland, Japan, teamLab Universal Studios, etc., several other precautionary measures have been implemented that limit free movement and fun making and many other exciting things to do in Tokyo during this pandemic. Below is a list of 5 interesting things to do in Tokyo during this pandemic.

 5 Things to Do in Tokyo this Pandemic

Are you in Tokyo, or are you planning to visit Tokyo during this pandemic? This article is for you. We will outline five things to do in Tokyo during this pandemic to spice up the moment and relieve you of boredom. Here is a list of some of the places to visit during this pandemic.

Visiting the Best Restaurants

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You can relish the delicious Japanese dishes in some of the best restaurants in Tokyo. The dishes are well-prepared by professional cooks with exceptional cuisine skills. Why not step out of your house and have a refreshing meal worth your money? Did we forget to mention that the restaurants and their environs are well furnished and fumigated to curb the virus’s spread?  

The moment you enter most restaurants, the first things you will see are hand sanitizing kits and running water kept at strategic places for customers to sanitize themselves properly before entering the arena. When you are in Tokyo, it will not be a bad idea to give yourself a treat with the best Japanese dishes in some of the best restaurants in town.

Visiting Tourist Attractions

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This pandemic period happens to be one of the best times to enjoy most tourist attractions in Japan. Yes, because you will have a lot of time and space exploring the beauty of the tourist attractions without being distracted by the mammoth crowd of tourists from across the globe that always flooded the tourist sites. You will have the pleasure of relaxing and having the best time since foreign tourists have been restricted from entering the Country during this period.

A Visit to the Parks

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If you are a lover of nature and wildlife, there is no better time to visit the Parks and natural reserves around Tokyo and its environs than now. The fresh air and the gentle breeze that welcomes your arrival will leave you with no option than to remain in awe of the breathtaking beauty of nature. You can take time to admire the beauty of nature more by observing the plum blossom and the cherry blossom.


hikers to mt takao 5 Interesting Things To Do In Tokyo This Pandemic
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There are many ways to explore and admire the beauty of nature in Tokyo during this pandemic. Hiking is another exciting activity you need to include on your to-do list during this period. There is an avalanche of hiking centers around Tokyo’s environs that can keep you engaged during this period. Mount Takao is reckoned to be one of the most renowned mountains for hiking. The mountain is probably 50 minutes train ride from the city. When you get there, you will be provided with a lot of interesting hiking options to choose from. Hikers will love and revel in this exercise during the period due to all the hiking centers’ scanty nature.

Day Drinking

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There is an avalanche of exciting places you can cruise around to enjoy the taste of Japanese alcohol during the day. If you are a lover of nature, you will most probably enjoy your drink better in the park or any natural reserves near the city. You will enjoy your Japanese bear much better when you take a tour of the park and have a picnic while drinking. The gentle breeze that accompanies an exhilarating breath of fresh air will give that ecstatic feeling you can’t trade for anything else. 


In sum, there is a whole lot of vibe in Tokyo. You can’t be in Tokyo and feel bored when there are myriads of exciting places to explore. When you are in Tokyo during this pandemic, you have to flow with the tide and be flexible enough to adjust to any situation. Otherwise, you will find yourself drowning in the pool of boredom and depression, especially during this period that COVID 19 has severed the ties that bind humanity together.

 We hope you enjoy every minute of your stay in Tokyo. Meanwhile, don’t forget to observe all the precautionary measures while catching your fun in Tokyo.

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