Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Trump’s Immigrants And Work Visa Restrictions Extended To Biden’s Presidency


Most people that want to immigrate and travel out of their different countries to the United States should read this article. Firstly, for most people who wouldn’t understand what an immigrant visa and work visa is, I’ll be discussing and explaining that to our better understanding. One would wonder, what is an immigrant visa? An immigrant visa is a visa that someone applies for to move over to another country. For instance, I live and reside currently in Nigeria. I want to move over or travel to another country for any reason. I’ll need an immigrant visa. When people move from one country to another, they have the right to travel because they have an immigrant visa.  Secondly, let’s talk about the work visa too. Well, the work visa is a subtype of an immigrant visa. A work visa is a kind of visa that someone applies to travel to another country for work and job purposes. It’s a kind of visa one gets to travel to different countries with a work intention. There are other kinds of visas like the students’ visa, Business Visa, etc. However, all these kinds of visas are very similar. They are visas with their travel intentions related to their names of the visa. For instance, I just got a very lucrative job in the United States of America, and I reside in Ghana. I will need to get a work visa to move over to the United States of America and Report to my office immediately.

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Now that you have fully understood what a work visa and an immigrant visa is, we can now dive into this article’s main purpose or topic. In the United States of America, their President, President Trump, has placed a ban on work and immigrant visa applications. He also has instructed that the ban should be extended to the swearing-in of their newly elected President, President Joe Biden. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and economic recession their country is facing, they have decided to stop people from other countries from coming into the country for work or other immigration purposes. Every foreigner who is not a citizen of the United States of America would not be allowed into the Country (United States of America) because of President Donald Trump’s current restrictions.


Sadly, these restrictions have been placed for a period of approximately 90days (3months). This means that there will be no application for an immigrant visa or work visa for the next 90 days. One would wonder why these restrictions were put in place. However, President Trump feels that the new immigrants and people coming into the country for work purposes would be competing with their citizens for job and employment opportunities in the country. Due to the global pandemic (Covid-19) and the current economic recession their country is facing, it’s quite saddening. Therefore, the President has decided to extend the restrictions so that their citizens wouldn’t have competitors, and the job opportunities in their country currently would help their own citizens make ends meet and live comfortably.

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