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Tullow Scholarship 2020 At The University Of Ghana. Apply Now!


Closing Date:  30, September 2020

Tullow Scholarship 2020 is here. Hurry up grab this golden opportunity office of the University of Ghana student aid is open for application for the  2020/2021   University of Ghana -Tullow scholarship. This scholarship scheme is open for both graduate and undergraduate students who are superlatively intelligent but lack the economic capacity to further their education.

Worth of scholarship

This scholarship scheme is a  fully sponsored Program. The scholarship awarding body takes full responsibility for your school fees, living cost, health insurance, accommodation, research materials, and a laptop.

Awardees are advised to maintain an excellent academic record with a B grade benchmark and a 3.0 CGPA  if they must still be beneficiaries of this scheme.  


  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students  of Ghana decent and West African regions  are eligible to apply
  • Applicants must be able to show that they are financially incapacitated to foot their academic bills.
  • Applicants  Must have an aggregate of 19 in his WASCE and a minimum of 3.0  CGPA  for those who are already in school.  
  • Candidates Must be morally sound without a scandalous past.
  • Applicants Must be outstanding academically.
  • Applicants must be able to meet the university of Ghana criteria for admission.
  • Applicants who nurse the intention of doing science and technology-related courses are advised to apply.   

Tullow scholarship 2020 Application

To submit your application for this scholarship scheme kindly visit  [email protected]

You are to enclose a copy of your academic records, ie, WASSCE   for undergraduate applicants and a transcript for graduate applicants, your essay, letters of recommendation, and a paper to serve as evidence to the fact that you are having financial difficulty.

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