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Out Now Application For UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award 2021. Apply now


UNHCR Nansen refugee award 2021 

  • Awarding Body: the united nation high commissioner for refugee UNHCR
  • Host Institution(s): no institute indicated
  • Deadline: 28TH-02-2021

Description of Scholarship 

The UNHCR situates the grant, which aims to support refugees, stateless personages, and individuals that are internally displaced. 

Inspirational individuals and groups who want to make a difference can nominate for this grant to support less privileged ones.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Eligible Countries/ Regions: not specified
  • Gender Restrictions: no gender-based restrictions 
  • Age Restrictions: no age-based restrictions

General Eligibility Requirements 

  • Applicants must show presentable extraordinary humanitarian abilities
  • Can be in a group, a single person, or an organization
  • Can be a former or current UNHCR staffs are unqualified
  • United nations volunteers are not eligible

Eligibility qualities and criteria: 

  • Applicants should show courage 
  • Awareness creativity to displaced citizens
  • Ability to go beyond the typical environment of work to a crawlspace and outskirts area beyond the call of duty
  • Abilities should reflect the values criteria shown by the UNHCR

Scholarship Value 

  • Applicants stand a chance to receive a grant of USD 150,000 for their altruistic work
  • Certificate of excellence will be awarded to four front-runners from each global region carrying out the task 

 Click here to visit the site to nominate

Application Instructions

  • Applicants should submit their proposals online on or before 28th February 2021
  • Nansen secretariat will situate emails and notifications to successful appointees after the portal has been closed 
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