A Delightful Visit To Reykjavik: A Unbelievable Harvest Of Festivals For 2021Delightful

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Reykjavik, pronounced /rek yuh vik/, is the capital of Iceland. It is home to an all-year-round schedule of activities, ranging from festivals to events, that attract media attention, as well as a remarkable number of visitors.
As an international visitor to this city, your first stop will be the Keflavik International Airport. There is also the Reykjavik Domestic Airport, located a little more than a mile away from the city center.

6dcicdmhmjk scaled 1 A Delightful Visit To Reykjavik: A Unbelievable Harvest Of Festivals For 2021Delightful
Photo by Emily Rusch

Once in Reykjavik, it is advised you start your visit by going on a guided bike tour around the city. If your riding skills are up to par, Ishestar offers multi-day tours for experienced riders and one-day tours for novices.
The next step could be to go on an angling adventure to some of Iceland’s best fishing spots or join in on a fishing tour. You may also choose to go whale watching.

Feel free to attend the many events and festivals Reykjavik city is known for, like the Culture Night and the Winter Lights Festival.

If you visit during summer, the Secret Solstice Festival will appeal to your creative mind. It is a major Icelandic event that features over 150 acts covering various genres, You could also attend the Reykjavik Blues Festival, Dark Music Days and the Eve Fanfest. As well as other film and music festivals, that help you embrace the city’s amazing culture and people.
There is also the annual Reykjavik Gay Pride festival for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community.

Long story short, there’s no dull moment in Reykjavik, and as the saying goes; “in Reykjavik, something is always happening in town!”

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