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10 Best Lake Towns in North America


Oftentimes, just watching the sun setting over a fluorescent lake is all you need for a nostalgic summer. North America boasts of the best alluring lake towns in the world, from Miami, LA to San Diego.

Lakes are a huge substitute for the otherwise perilous oceans. Plus, there’s a ton of them in North America, numbering up to 125,000, from inland oases, boat-filled party destinations, and freshwater bodies. Here’s a list of the 10 best lake towns in North America.

1. Meredith, N.H.

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This is a 90-minute drive from Boston with charming, historic buildings, stunning mountain terrains and whitewashed foothills. The town is about 50 years of age, most exquisite for kiddies swimming rafts. For the best Laketown experience, you should camp at Mill Falls and feed your gaze with the 40ft waterfall at the bay.

2. Port Carling, Ontario

10 best lake towns in north america

2nd on our list of the 10 best lake towns in North America is Port Carling. It seems this is the hub of activity in Canada’s Muskoka region. Port Carling is a picturesque town of vast lakes, tropical rainforest, and black bears. The quaint lakes pass through sandy beaches and markets that add to its aesthetics. Plus, this area is known for Bear wear, pajamas, the signature paw logo, and many Canadian-made comfy clothing. Book your private cottage and enjoy the cosiness and 300ft of sandy beaches of Ontario.

3 Lake Lure, N.C.

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At the helm of the Blue Mountains, is the scenic town of Lake Lure, which served as the setting for many blockbuster movies, including the 1987 Dirty Dancing, where many locals were cast in the movie. The lake town is an epic getaway, barely one hour drive from Asheville. Book a room at Grafton Lodge and get to spend quality time touring the Blue Mountains foothills surrounding the lake. Kids can also learn rock climbing here.

4. Priest Lake, Idaho

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This is a 19-mile freshwater lake underneath a vast canopy of tropical trees, contained in an amazing small town, that is home to over 800-inhabitants. Get to savour the freshness of huckleberry deserts, forage, the wild morels that are superfluous here, and hike the mountains till your knuckles turn white giving it a position of 4th of the 10 best lake towns in North America. Afterwards, you can take a work to the Indian rocks and let native Americans treat you to anciently inscribed photography.

5. Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

10 best lake towns in north america

It’s regarded as the oldest resort town in America and seems to sit on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. While the lake remains a major attraction, Wolfeboro hosts its share of festivals, and free concerts too. Lobster Day at the famous food store is another day to look out for here, where a huge truck filled with lobsters drives up the streets and remains till it’s empty, and the price per pound? Pretty much what you can gamble over.

6. Hot Springs, Arkansas

10 best lake towns in north america

This is a hill bound resort town at the centre of which is the 143-degree, mineral-rich waters from which the town derived its name. With bathhouses that once spoke of fame – which made Hotsprings an eponymous site – the National Park can easily be claimed to be the first of its kind in America. Known for horse racing, it’s also termed as Bill Clinton’s childhood home. Name aside, it’s actually cold water that flows in Hot springs.

7. Marquette, Michigan

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Michigan plays host to many great lakes towns, all fantastic. From the states 3,300 shoreline miles to Traverse City or Ludington. There’s the mysterious Upper Peninsula, a sprawling metropolis that runs through numerous old, but friendly mining towns, and a handful of aged breweries known for classic brews such as Drifa, Blackrocks and musty Wooden Nickel.

8. South Lake Tahoe, California

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On the Californian plateau, lies this town of Lake Tahoe, a splendid destination, all year round. Though, reports say summers give the best of what this town has to offer, like water booze-fueled parties. Prepare to get a bit rustled, as anywhere within drivable distance of this Californian city is given too many crowds. Be careful of nothing though, folks here seem to want to extend springtime up to summer.

9. Lake Placid, N.Y.

10 best lake towns in north america

Lake Placid, well known for its picturesque vistas during winters, boasts of having hosted 2 Winter Olympic Games, its freshwater springs and mountain streams falling to fill the crystally clear lake making it one of the best lake towns in North America. The town was originally a Germans settlement, so don’t be surprised to have that little alpine-European feel, as you tour its Main Street restaurants for salivations. You can book into The High Peaks Resort, situated between Lake Placid and the evenly stunning Mirror Lake.

10. Saugatuck, Michigan

10 best lake towns in north america

In this picturesque Laketown, soft sand heaps up in piles along shorelines of the vast Michigan Lake. Here offers an oval beach that ranks among the best lake towns in America.

Numerous fun lovers zip about, skiing, cycling around streets with ice cream shops, galleries, and what have you? Join in craft exhibits and display your artistry at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts as wake up to sunrise on your eyelids each morn, at the Belvedere Inn.

Alas, along these boxes of water, get to find the 10 best Lake towns in North America that can make the vacation of your dreams. You can experience summertime bliss in the best lake towns in North America.

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