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10 Visa Application Mistakes That Would Definitely Sink Yours


As tedious a task as applying for a visa can be, it is daunting for your application to be rejected or ran down the sink. Consequently, many visa application mistakes can hinder a person’s application from being accepted. These faults range from written errors, misinformation, or omissions while filling out the application forms: false information, negligence of key requirements in the application forms, and ultimately, late submission.

Here are some of these faults carefully outlined;

1.  Immigration Policies

visa application mistakes
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Quite nerving is the knowledge that some basic information on immigration sites can be quite misleading. Apart from the fact that they outline the requirements, such information does not give a glimpse of how these applications are assessed.

An immigration officer will likely go through the Migration Act that contains policy guidelines and regulations while checking how eligible you are for the visa application. Through these regulations, the officers get particular guidelines on how they assess the application.

Immigration policies are prone to frequent changes, making documents that were previously complete to appear insufficient. To avoid this scenario, provide more information than needed before the application.

2. Disorganized Documents

visa application mistakes

Not arranging your documents properly, misplaced deadlines, documents that are not well labeled can lead to visa termination. You should manage your visa documents just like you manage your most important credentials.

3. Inappropriate Signatures on forms

visa application mistakes
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When forms are not properly signed, it can lead to termination. Some application forms require up to 3 different signatures on a single page. Others involve when the applier uses a translator. If you erroneously append signatures in this place, you are liable to get rejected weeks or months after submission. Always recheck the forms and sign appropriately.

4.   Understanding Visa Requirements

visa application mistakes

You may think you are on top of your game when providing the documents, but it is always safe to garner all necessary knowledge before submitting it. Get straight, ask questions where you notice gray areas, as visa policies are prone to frequent and irregular surprises.

5. Not Providing Cover Letters

visa application mistakes

Though the consulate offices don’t make this an issue, it may delay processing a typical visa. A cover letter usually states the reason and who is applying for the Visa. Cover letters make processing the application quicker in most cases.

6. Supplemental Forms for specific Countries

visa application mistakes

Some countries require additional documents such as Residence or work experience questionnaires for UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Islamabad, Pakistan residents, respectively. Ensure you include those when applying.  

7. Correct Sized Photographs

visa application mistakes

When you don’t attach the photos of correct sizes that match IRRC requirements, you can get rejected.

8. Mailing the Visa incorrectly

visa application mistakes

It is advisable to adhere to the IRRC method of mailing your application to the right office to be traced and proven when it arrives at the destination.

9. Improper payment of Visa Fees

visa application mistakes

Certain modes of payment can void a Visa process. For instance, if you pay the Permanent Residence fee in the bank to the Visa office in Canada, it is possible to return it to you without paying it over there online. Also, several offices receive the equivalent of such fees in your country’s currency. Please don’t jump into using the currency’s exchange rate, as it may not be the same.

10. Handwriting

visa application mistakes

Lastly, improper and haphazard handwriting can undermine a person’s Visa application from being accepted, as this may cause immigration officers not to fully understand the information. Rather, use a free program to complete applications, like computers or Adobe Reader.

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