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15 Must-Visit Travel Destinations In 2021


It’s possible 2020 was the year you decided to visit and explore various parts of the world. Maybe you desired to try out camping in a rainforest this year. Or, you wanted to seek out beautiful beaches hidden in islands far away.

However, the year put a stop to everyone traveling freely due to the covid-19 pandemic. It is not certain when travel restrictions will be lifted and or worldly activities return to what they used to be. But we can say that from here onwards people will be more thoughtful about how they travel. This doesn’t mean traveling will be less fun.

We can still enjoy the feel of tiny grains of sand under our feet as we walk on beaches. Although the way we travel is no longer the same, we can still get the things we desire to travel to places of interest.

With your various needs in mind, such as quiet and serene environments, cultural diversity, attractive spots, food varieties, and many more. We’ve compiled a list of places you might consider visiting in 2020.

Prepare to be amazed as most of these places would have you wishing you could travel right now. Here are 15 travel destinations for you in 2021.

South Africa – 15

15 Must-Visit Travel Destinations in 2021
Image by 4657743 from Pixabay

During pre-Covid times, South Africa has been a tourism hotspot. And just as you have expected, their tourist industry has also taken a fatal blow in recent times. The Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t been able to withhold South Africa from growing strong in its creative sector. The increase of its creative work has put the beautiful nation in the spotlight.

Suppose you’re a lover of art, music, and mouth-watering dishes. Then South Africa might be a good choice for you. The nation offers large scale contemporary art exhibitions at the international level, coupled with exciting fairs and talented local artists showcasing their beautiful work.

In these times, we have seen spectacular artworks from the twin sisters, Nonzuzo and Noncedo Gxekwa, displayed for all to appreciate at notable art galleries in South Africa.

More spaces have been created in Johannesburg for people to enjoy their cups of coffee in well-furnished containers. Also to keep you entertained, you can see plays performed by local groups or you can attend some concerts where beautiful sounds are played for your delight.

Jozi isn’t left out from all the action as spectacular meals are served to satisfy your taste buds at the Yeoville by talented chefs. Jozi also offers some hidden spots and rooftop bars where you can have an amazing time.

New lodging-houses have been built to house numerous visitors that’ll be visiting South Africa in the coming year.

Charleston, USA – 14

15 Must-Visit Travel Destinations in 2021
Image by 1778011 from Pixabay

Are you interested in visiting historical sites? Then Charleston is a place you must visit. It’s a city found in South Carolina with a tough past.

Based on recent estimates, over 100,000 Africans were brought into America through the wharf at Charleston. As a result of this massive inflow of slaves, Charleston was the central area of slaves in North America. Due to this place’s rich history, efforts are being made to lunch an international museum at this location in 2022. To tell the world the story of the African men, women, and children brought into America.

However, while we wait for 2022, there are interesting tours to look forward to at Charleston. The Mcleod Plantation organizes tours which enlighten interested visitors of some challenges Africans faced by taking them through the structures that housed the slaves.

Charleston isn’t limited to showcasing black history. There are lots of black-owned eateries at this historical site offering tasty meals you’ll definitely enjoy.

The beautiful country of Guyana – 13

15 Must-Visit Travel Destinations in 2021
Image by Rémi LOZACH from Pixabay

Located in South America, this country is inhabited by people from all over the world, including India, China, Europe, Africa, and Amerindians. It may interest you to know that English is spoken more fluently in Guyana compared to other South American countries. These qualities make tourists cherish their time spent in this incredible place.

This travel destination is blessed with beautiful rainforests, waterfalls, and eco-friendly lodges. You get to connect with nature first hand, being entertained by soothing the sounds of birds and monkeys as you close your eyes to sleep. However you choose to spend your time in this beautiful place, you are sure to get a wonderful experience.

You can also contact a tour guide to take you through some areas of the Amazon rainforests and marvel at its beauty. The choice is yours.

The city of Oaxaca, Mexico – 12  

Image by papablotzin from Pixabay

Everything about Oaxaca is sure to give you a swell time. Its rich cultural heritage, beautiful textiles, and amazing foods are absolute winners. Chefs, designers, and artisans come en mass to this beautiful place to try out spices and immaculately made handcrafts.

To give your taste buds the delight it deserves, there are numerous restaurants found in Oaxaca such as the famous Enrique Olvera and the recently opened Casa Criollo serving spectacular dishes that’ll have you chanting for more. And that’s not all; the hotels over there are beautiful works of art. Well furnished with exciting designs of indigenous terracotta works with a blend of modern designs.

To make the best out of your trip to Oaxaca, you can contract a tour guide to show you the wonders of this place.

The Berkshires, USA – 11

15 Must-Visit Travel Destinations in 2021
Image by Theo Dawson from Pixabay

Although the Berkshires doesn’t seem to have a flashy appearance, it has gone through a series of changes in recent years. It serves as a haven for creative individuals trying to get away from the busy life found in surrounding cities.

Art establishments, amazing foods, and new exciting places to stay make this place worth considering. A lot of structural and social transformations have been taking place in this beautiful city to give you a relaxing experience you take a break from the big cities.

Helsinki, Finland – 10

15 Must-Visit Travel Destinations in 2021
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Perhaps you have come across the popular Netflix series titled money heist; then you will be familiar with the name “Helsinki.” That aside, Helsinki is a city in Finland with beautiful structures and amazing dining spots at waterfronts.

In 2008, its leaders invested 99 million euros in promoting its already rich arts and culture scenes. This makes this location a must-visit for those seeking to enjoy the rich culture, beautiful scenery, and exciting works of art.

Amazon Rainforest – 9

15 Must-Visit Travel Destinations in 2021
Image by TNeto from Pixabay

The Amazon spans Brazil, Columbia, Peru, and other regions of South America. This massive piece of vegetation is home to over 10 percent of known plant and animal species on our planet. Due to the massive vegetation found here, our planet benefits from the amount of oxygen emitted by this wonderful instrument of nature.

However, due to man’s ever-increasing needs, trees are being cut down, rampant fires, and other industrial activities feeding on this region serve as a threat to its continuous sustainability.

In this region, eco-tourism is practiced, which hopes to provide a mutually beneficial environment for the locals within the area and protect plant and animal life.

There are a handful of eco-lodges in the rainforests. In addition to this, 2021 will be seeing some eco-lodges, including the Aqua Nera, which will move smoothly along the Peruvian Amazon.

The Dominican Republic, Caribbean – 8

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Perhaps you’re aware of the well sought after resorts found on the eastern tip of Punta Cana. But this isn’t all Dominica has to offer. In recent times there has emerged a quieter side to this beautiful island nation worth exploring.

Some places worth noting are the Playa Grande Beach club and the Amanera, which offer traditional healing techniques practiced by Taino’s indigenous people for good health and all-around wellness.

So, the next time you find yourself in this island nation and you’re not in the mood for its high-sounding resorts; you can switch to its quieter parts for a more memorable experience.

The Kimberley, Australia – 7

Image by pen_ash from Pixabay

2020 has been a challenging year for Australia. After experiencing destructive wildfires, which led to hotels, lodges, and campsites being shut down. The country, rising above these pressing challenges, was set to reopen most businesses when the Covid pandemic launched an attack. Forcing the entire country to put itself under strict lockdown.

At the North-Western axis of Australia is a lightly settled place called Kimberley. If you seek adventure, Kimberley might be the right place for you in 2021. Its dust glowing blood red, saltwater filled with crocodiles, and aquamarine seas packed with sharks are sure to motivate your desire for adventure.

Accra, Ghana – 6

15 Must-Visit Travel Destinations in 2021
Image by lapping from Pixabay

Although the world seems to be at a low phase this period, Ghana seems to be energetic at the moment. Her young creative minds are securing a place for the country on the global cultural scene.

Accra’s beautiful city has been getting some attention lately on the global scene. Its beautiful traditional arts, music, and fashion have caught the luxury fashion brand Dior’s attention. This has given birth to their much-anticipated menswear collaboration, which features a Ghanaian painter called Amoaka Boafo.

Worth looking forward to in Ghana are the exquisite meals prepared by innovative chefs at beautiful restaurants in several parts of this African state.

The United Arab Emirates – 5

Image by Angus Fraser from Pixabay

Home to the largest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, this exciting travel destination pulls in millions of travelers each year. Whether you choose to spend your trip at the enchanting capital of Abu Dhabi or the ever-lively city of Dubai, you’re in for a wonderful experience.

Its art sites, cafes, and hotels offer the kind of opulence you desire and some you never believed existed.

The Beautiful El Hiero Island – 4

Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

Beautiful landscapes, great outdoors, beautiful arts, and amazing structures. The Canary Islands offer these and many more. This island chain is filled with sweet-smelling pine forests, hidden sandy coves, beautiful beach resorts, and volcanoes.

The most populated of these Islands is Tenerife. But the less popular El Hierro island is rising fast with so much potential to become a global hotspot and a must-visit destination for travelers. It might excite you to know that this incredible island is working towards using renewable energy resources to run its processes for lovers of clean energy. Making sure everything from food to energy is made through eco-friendly methods.

El Hierro also offers beautiful wide, open, natural settings which people interested in hiking bird watching, and plant studies will be interested in

Yorkshire, England – 3

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Famed for its beautiful sculptural works and incredible individuals, including David Hockney, Barbara Hepworth, and Henry Moore, all popular artists. Yorkshire should be on the bucket list of every art lover.

In recent times, indigenous artworks have been on a steady increase. Old mills, botanical gardens, and transformed church buildings now serve a new purpose. Serving as spaces for restaurants, art workspaces, and shops for artists.

A much-anticipated project underway in Yorkshire is the Bretton Hall in development at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The arts and vibes of this destination are sure to give you a fulfilling holiday.  

Slovenia – 2

Image by Gábor Adonyi from Pixabay

Sandwiched between Croatia and Austria, we have beautiful Slovenia. With lakes feeding on glaciers, her beautiful rivers with a turquoise shade and mountains summits covered in snow will definitely take your breath away. Lake Bled, a renowned center of attraction in Slovenia, is regarded as the most peaceful lake in Europe. At the moment, this destination remains less busy; you’re sure to find its crisp, clear air enjoyable, also, its vast landscapes. Asides from beautiful views and a serene environment, Slovenia also offers amazing meals.

Melides, Portugal – 1

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

If you’re interested in going under the radar for some time, then Melides is perfect for you. Although it is located in Portugal, it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It boasts of beaches lined with immaculate sands, acres of vineyards, and rice fields.

This tourist destination hasn’t slowly gained popularity amongst travelers. Although the number of boutiques and hotels found in the Melides is quite a few, work is ongoing to offer travelers more options. The famous fashion house Christian Louboutin is constructing a boutique at this beautiful travel destination. Certainly, the Melides will soon get its own share of exotic spots such as those found in other travel destinations.

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