2021 Scholarship At The Federation University In Australia Is Ongoing -Apply Now

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Scholarship at the federation university in Australia

  • Awarding Body: federation university 
  • Host Institution: federation University of Australia
  • Deadline: 28th-02-2021

The award is for outstanding applicants who intend to undergo an MSc or BSc program at Australia’s federation university.

The grant comes with an aim intending to provide classic education for intercontinental students. The federation university is offering the Australia global innovator scholarships in Australia. 

Eligibility Requirements 

Eligible Countries/ Regions: intercontinental applicants

Gender Restrictions: No gender restrictions

Age Restrictions: No age restrictions

General Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this Scholarship, applicants must

  • Provide a valid visa
  • Be a Prospective international scholar
  • Be enrolled as a commencing student for each semester
  • Be enrolled for a BSc or MSc degree project in any subject area offed in the university
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2021 Scholarship At The Federation University In Australia Is Ongoing -Apply Now

Scholarship Value 

The grant funding covers 20% of the schooling payments of an undergraduate student or postgraduate students who are successful and achieve academic excellence at the end of the program

Application Instructions 

  • Applicants must be going in as an undergraduate or postgraduate student
  • Applicants should apply for the program through direct application or an agent
  • Applicants are to provide a preceding certificate of degree 
  • Applicants are to provide a copy of a valid passport
  • Applicants application requirement necessitates the need for the completion of an Australian bachelors degree or degrees that are equivalent to required minimum grades in applicable subjects

Note: undergraduates are competitively assessed corresponding to their  overseas school qualifications and other requirements for admission to the university

  • Applicants have to show the requirement for the English language of the university

Click here to visit the Application Website  and here for more info.

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