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2024 University of New South Wales Scholarships


The University of New South Wales scholarships and incentives to assist international students starting full-time coursework programmes at undergraduate and graduate levels. While some scholarships offer a stipend to help with study-related expenses, others cover the whole or partial cost of tuition.

Details of the University of New South Wales Scholarships: Students who meet the requirements and have been accepted to U.N.S.W. will be prioritized for the scholarships. To be considered, you need to submit specific scholarship applications or supporting materials.

New South Wales Scholarships Conditions:

To be eligible for the scholarship, you need to:

  1. Must be an international student and, by March 31, 2024, must have obtained an offer of admission* into a programme that qualifies for Term 2.
  2. Unconditional Letter of Offer for Undergraduate or Postgraduate Studies
  3. Conditional English Package Offer (UEEC) for undergraduate or graduate students
  4. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in the U.N.S.W. Institute of Languages and successfully finish the programme before Term 2 2024 begins.

Advantages of The New South Wales Scholarships

Complete tuition fee scholarship paid directly towards programme costs for the required minimum length of time $20,000 annually paid directly towards programme costs for the required minimum length of time
Scholarship Notice.

How to Apply for Scholarships at the University of New South Wales, 2024

Candidates who meet the requirements can apply for the University of New South Wales Scholarships by clicking their official website. Make use of our expert work and study abroad consultants to increase your chances of being accepted into the programme.

About The University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales offers various scholarships and prizes to assist overseas students starting full-time studies there. The Australian Government, the UNSW Foundation, the Faculty, School or Supervisor, and other organisations give the scholarships and prizes. Undergraduate and graduate degrees are among the courses for which the scholarships and awards are offered.

The financial aid the scholarships and prizes provide helps pay for living expenses, travel, and tuition. Students who belong to specific groups, including Indigenous Australians, individuals with impairments, and those from underprivileged homes, are also eligible for the scholarships and prizes. International students who can demonstrate financial need, academic excellence, or both are eligible to apply for the scholarships and awards.

One of the top institutions in Australia for teaching and research is the University of New South Wales (U.N.S.W.). UNSW, a university in Sydney, is a part of the exclusive Group of Eight, which comprises the nation’s top research-intensive universities. UNSW provides various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in multiple disciplines, all with a strong focus on teaching and research excellence. UNSW International Research Scholarships allow deserving overseas students to continue their education at UNSW.

The scholarships are valid for the length of the student’s programme. They are granted based on academic excellence and research potential. The scholarships allow students to pursue their studies in one of Australia’s top research locations and cover living expenses, health insurance, and tuition. Additionally, you can apply for the fully funded Victoria University of Wellington Scholarship in New Zealand from 2024 to 2025.


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