22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria

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December is a prime time of the year when different events and festivals take place. This could be because it is a dry season or probably because it marks the end of the year. The case is indifferent in Nigeria, the giant of Africa with over 250 ethnic groups. Christmas in Nigeria is always a memorable experience with the display of the Nigeria Christmas traditions. 

Debunk all your plans to hunker down with a blanket and a bottle of beer this December. You have lots of incredible events coming up in Nigeria. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to be a part of all of them whether you are into sports, entertainment, culture, or a spiritual person. So you won’t be barking up the wrong tree, here are a list of places you should be this December.


Nigerian Music Concerts Have Gotten Worse But Will 2019 Be DifferentGuardian Life 1024x599 2 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: eventbrite.co.uk

This is the biggest entertainment brand in central Nigeria. In December, The Jos Chilling Mega Fiesta kicks into high gear, showcasing Nigeria’s young talents and rich culture. The concert is sponsored by Jos chillin’ Limited in collaboration with Buckwyld Media Company and a Mees Palace.

It is a talent hunt and promotion concert aimed at human development. Jos Chilling Fiesta features performances by Nigeria’s renowned artiste, comedy, dance, tourism, lots of feasting, and Nigerian Christmas songs. The event that runs into the night is always a fun-filled, not a type you’d want to miss.


RiversStateCarnival1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: europeanceo.com

A flamboyant traditional and major cultural celebration in the Garden-City, popularly known as Carniriv. It is celebrated annually, a few weeks before Christmas in Nigeria. The unique Carniriv celebration is a two-faced event that combines both Cultural and contemporary Caribbean style carnival. The event holds rich cultural and sacred significance.

During Carniriv, there is an International Heritage Parade. The nationals from the 23 LGAs parade themselves on the streets of Port Harcourt, showcasing colorful attires, beautiful dance steps, and a masquerade parade. Honorary participants from around the globe take part in the parade.

The Kids Carnival is also a part of this unique event. It reflects the strong importance attached to children. It promotes Nigeria Christmas traditions.


DAYSTAR CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: ynaija.com

Daystar Christmas Carol Service is a scintillating night of songs. Thousands of euphonious voices raised to worship the almighty God at the Daystar Christian Centre, Oregun, Lagos. This event features Nigerian Christmas songs, contemporary songs, drama, recitations, spoken words, and Nigeria Christmas traditions. This carol service, which takes place in December, is an edifying one and entertaining at well.


CALABAR INTERNATIONAL CARNIVAL 1024x683 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
CALABAR INTERNATIONAL CARNIVAL 1024x683 1: 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria

Preceding days in December might be short, but nights are long at the 5-day Africa’s Biggest Street Party held in Calabar, Cross River State. Calabar is Nigeria’s number one tourist destination. Calabar Carnival is one of the Events in Nigeria that attracts millions of spectators and tourists from Africa and around the globe. 

The sight-worthy annual event, which is set about with a Tree-Lightening ceremony, features a solidarity parade, food competition, street groove, musical performances, traditional displays, essay writing competition, fashion parade, arts show, and masquerade display. The incredible view is the enthralling Efik dance, performed by the carnie with colorful attires during the celebration.


THE PORT HARCOURT INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR 1024x683 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: phccimang.com

This is an annual premier international exhibition in which is usually about two weeks. The Port-Harcourt International Trade Fair creates a unique opportunity for industrialists, suppliers, investors, and buyers of products to meet and exchange products and services. The fair creates a platform for foreign and domestic products to be promoted and sold to a broader customer. The trade fair holds at Issac Boro Park, Port-Harcourt. This event is fun-filled as there will be awards for exceptional products and ideas. Other features of the Trade Fair include Nigerian Christmas food, music, and a performance by artists.


Eyo masquerades. Lagos State Nigeria 1024x768 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
Eyo masquerades. Lagos State Nigeria 1024x768 1: 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria

‘Caretta Carnival of Lagos,’ we are not sure who came up with this idea, but it’s nothing short of genius. It is a good place to spend Christmas in Nigeria. The 12-Hour-long Festival invites you to Lagos Island. It is an annual festival that portrays a unique combination of Nigerian heritage with Brazil and Cuban.

The Carnival flaunts troops of Yoruba rich attires and culture with lots of entertainment while soaking up the unique Nigeria Christmas traditions vibe. Sightseers sprawl across Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, to catch sight of this colorful event. The Carnival Highlights are music, dance, comedy, painting, drama, photography, and dining.


AKWA IBOM CHRISTMAS CAROL FESTIVAL 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: akcarolsfest.com/

The Akwa Ibom Christmas Carol Festival is the largest symposium of carol singers in the world. The Akwa Ibom State Government organizes the annual night of songs to promotes Nigeria’s Christmas traditions. It is a glittering concert where Nigerian Christmas songs and other contemporary songs are rendered.

The spirit-lifting event features drama, recitations, Christmas carol, and song rendition by award-winning gospel artiste.


LAUGHFEST 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: https: laughfestgr.org

Here is a comedy event where you laugh and crack your rib. Laughfest is a variety show organized by Actor Osas Ighodaro and the Joyfuljoy Foundation. The fun-filled concert is held in Lagos with a lineup of performances by famous Nigerian artists. Highlights of the variety show are music performance, comedy, drama and whole lots of exciting activities.  


HR bootcamp 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: kendorconsulting.com

The HR BootCamp Conference is a must-attend, especially for Human Resources professionals. This event has always been a program for promoting ingenious paradigms for revamping management practices in Nigeria. In attendance are both foreign and domestic audiences. The conference which holds in Lagos is an inspiring and exciting one for Human Resource Professionals and managing personnel.


LAGOS TRADE FAIR 1024x683 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: alexis.lindaikejisblog.com

The Lagos Trade fair is a major commercial attraction to Lagos. The 10-day international event is the largest exhibition in West Africa. It builds a platform where foreign and domestic entrepreneurs meet to exchange goods and services. LITF is an event in Nigeria staged annually and attracts investors from international and local communities. The fair attracts over 1600 companies across the globe to trade in Lagos. The exciting part is that the products don’t cost an arm and a leg.


Igue Festival Cover Image 1024x681 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: hotels.ng

This is a traditional festival of the Benin Kingdom. A fiercely loved cultural celebration that portrays the rich African culture of the Edo people. The Igue Festival celebration comes with massive preparations and is celebrated between Christmas and new year. The Oba magical powers are renewed during the ritual season.

The Festival, which is to mark the end of the year, features a masquerade parade, dance, banqueting, and other cultural displays.


Coastal wetlands 1024x683 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: hopefornigeriaonline.com

This is an aquatic regatta feast celebrated by the Itu people of Akwa Ibom State. This is not only a festival but also a way of life of the indigene of the area. The Festival is to celebrate the fertility of the Itu water. The Festival displays mastery in fishing art and celebrates the dexterity of the fishermen.

The Usoro Isong Inyang, which is widely displayed along the Itu river, showcases spectacular fishing competition, traditional music and display by anglers, and water sport.


Ofala Onitsha 13 1024x683 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
Ofala Onitsha 13 1024x683 1: 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria

For two days, indigenes of Onitsha rock the city in celebration of the Ofala Festival. The Obi (King) appears in his full regalia, the youths so energetic, and their drums sounding like that of war, the women beautifully adorned to mark the celebration.

The Ofala Festival is celebrated in honor of the land and its fertility. During the Festival, the reigning king is also celebrated for his rulership. The Festival features a masquerade display, cultural dance, arts, music, competitions, and feasting. The Ofala festival is one of the traditional events in Nigeria.


IGBO UTURU CULTURAL CARNIVAL 1024x680 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IGBO UTURU CULTURAL CARNIVAL 1024x680 1: 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria

From 28 – 31 of December, all road leads to the Uturu, Abia State in celebration of the Igbo Uturu Cultural Carnival. The event, which holds after Christmas in Nigeria, is a melting pot cultural and entertainment event for the Igbos.

The Igbo Uturu Cultural Carnival flaunts wealth and showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Igbo people. The IUCC is a salad bowl; nationalities of other ethnicities can partake. The most amusing sight during the Festival is the 50 feet tall magical creature.


Nwatom 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria

This is a cultural festival of the people of Opobo (Ibani) of rivers state. The celebration is done to appraise Otam (God of the sacred forest). At this time of the year, sons and daughters of Opobo come home for this gracious celebration. The Festival begins on 25th December and ends in the new year. The Festival, with its beautiful cultural displays, has always been a memorable one.


LEKKI SUN SPLASH 1024x768 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: picuki.com

Lekki Sun Splash is a musical concert, holding every 25-26 December annually. Both renowned and up-and-coming artiste in Nigerian head to Maiyegun Beach in Lekki for the most exhilarating event of the year. The beach is always crowded with spectators. Exclusive performances by artists and fierce dance competitions take over the day. The concert is characterized by spicy music with pounding beats.


UKPE FESTIVAL 1024x576 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: 1.bp.blogspot.com

The Ukpe Festival is celebrated annually by the Ogwa, Ewossa, Ebelle, Ewohimi, and Ewatto people of delta state. The Festival, which takes place in December, is celebrated to gratify and pay homage to their ancestors. The four-day celebration displays the African culture and Nigeria Christmas traditions. Highlights of the Festival are traditional service at the ancestral shrine, exchange of gifts, cultural display, and entertainment.


BENUE YOUTH CARNIVAL 1024x768 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: atiterkula

The end-of-year Carnival portrays the undiluted culture of the youths in Benue State. The yearly event is observed in December at IBB Square in the state capital. Thousands of participants take part in the celebration. The Carnival features a carnival parade, a carnival music jam, banqueting, and other socio-cultural performances. The event’s highpoint is a keen pageantry contest where contestants display different arts and talents during the competition. The winner of the contest is given numerous price awards.


OGWASHI UKWU CARNIVAL 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
OGWASHI UKWU CARNIVAL: 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria

The Ogwashi-Ukwu Carnival is a three-in-one festival celebrated by the people of Ogwashi-Uku town. The Festival, which promotes brotherhood, starts on the 24th with a street show; 25th December is the grand finale with an event filled day. The display of Olobo masquerade, colorful vehicular procession, numerous costume displays, and music night. On the last day of the Carnival, all the sons and daughters of Ogwashi-Uku gather for the carnival dinner night. The Carnival fosters unity and promotes the heritage of the Ogwadhi-Uwu community.  


OKI FESTIVAL 1024x578 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: 2.bp.blogspot.com

The Oki festival is a ceremony celebrated by the Kalabari people of Rivers State. The participants of this celebration represent a fish family and dress in a particular way to depict the family of fish they represent. This annual celebration takes place around the river in honor of the water goddess. The fish families are dressed in fish costumes and perform a fish-like dance to the Kalabari people.


Fun seekers celebrating Mothers Day in Lagos 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: independent.ng

The Tarkwa Bay Beach is always filled with fun lovers in December. The beach hangout is a meet and greets party where young vibers mingle, shake off stress, and make new friends.

The December to Remember Beach Hangout is usually filled with excitement. Participants engage in video games, indoor and outdoor games, classic fashion show off, dance competitions, and lots more.

The hangout features good music, dance, music life performances by top Nigerian and foreign artists, swimming competition, arts, and fun activities. It is a good time to relax and have fun with family and loved ones.


THE EXPERIENCE LAGOS GOSPEL CONCERT 1024x768 1 22 Incredible Events Holding This December In Nigeria
IMAGE SOURCE: bukchris

The Experience is Africa’s most massive gospel music concert held annually in December. The Experience is organized by The House On the Rock and holds at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos Island in Nigeria. The 5000 capacity auditorium is always filled up with extra seats to accommodate the attendees of the event.

About 70,000 participants attend the music concert yearly, including international and home-based artists, likes of Donnie McClurkin, CeCe Winans, Kirk Franklin, Chioma Jesus, Nathaniell Bassey, Frank Edwards, Don Moen, and other great artists.

You won’t have to worry about security; LASTMA, Nigeria Police Force, the Ani-Bomb squad, the Rapid Response Squad, and private guards are usually present at the concert.

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