30 Most Spiritual Sites in the World

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The World is a place of many destinations. Many travels to various places for many reasons, and among these reasons is spiritual purposes. Let us consider the list below, which provides information about the 30 most spiritually-stimulating sites that you can visit.

1. Snaefellsjokull Glacier, Iceland

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Jules Verne got inspiration here to document the journey to the center of the earth. According to some beliefs, the site is an important center for cosmos energy in the World.

2. Borobudur, Indonesia

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This is the biggest Buddhism monument in the World and built in universe diagram form. Only the slow and steady can get the best spiritual experience on this site.

3. Mecca

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Prophet Muhammed was born in Mecca, the Islamic World, where God spoke to him. According to religious beliefs, every Muslim must visit Mecca, even if just for once in his lifetime. 

4.  Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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Angor Wat is a large spiritual site over a 300 km distance. Travelers to this site experience a kind of feeling of high spiritual presence in the environment.

5. Mt Athos, Greece

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It is a spiritual site where only men above 18years are allowed. There are 20 monks that live together on the site, which makes it spiritually-stimulating.

6. The Dead Sea, Israel

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This sea has many salt and mineral materials that can be used to cure many ailments and relieve pains. This makes it a spiritually-stimulating site.

7. Lourdes, France

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There is an underground flow located in Lourdes, which has a great healing potency. It was discovered at a site where Virgin Mary appeared and disappeared according to history; thus, the spring became a memorial.

8. Sandunóvskie Baths, Moscow

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Some cultures attach much spiritual importance to bathing, like Russia, where  there is a bathhouse believed to purify those that bath in it

9. Bodh Gaya, India

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Prince Siddharta got impartation, illumination, and understanding after mediating for under a tree named Bodh for a period of nights. The experience is the foundation of all his teachings to date. Thus, the site becomes a spiritually-stimulating destination.

10. Chichen Itza, Mexico

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There are three underground pools in the Mayan pyramidal buildings. Sacrifices were offered to the Mayan gods at the pools, and so it became a strong spiritual atmosphere.

11. Macchu Picchu, Peru

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It is made up of stones that are carved beautifully, many temples, and shrines that are connected to special events. The atmosphere of the site is filled with awe.

12. Sedona, Arizona

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Sedona is full of energy and healing properties. Many people who have visited this site have testimonies of spiritually-stimulating experiences.

13. St Peters, Vatican City, Italy

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After St Peter had been crucified, he was buried, and after 20 years, his burial ground still contained his bones. These bones were set apart by Pope Francis for veneration and form the basis of the Catholic Faith.

14. Uluru, Australia

y4m1urNO8spnPBi3afNmQ3LjJ0xKyG25wGYLcyyX7ExpPRHF R54aYHcOJCcPwf2iNPgdzzugSQa6OLAYtRWpQTqmd0MInHr9AVEjlG2I6gI0XtiPMRcx3q HqndqbKroblXJNJkHqrEjCu5VkeoSOgPMCVmmJImaf3AqUM9AHgfKyfxSAgs0bx KR6j KA4GFi?width=1024&height=577&cropmode=none 30 Most Spiritual Sites in the World

Uluru has a great landmark and a magnificent spiritual atmosphere. If you want to be in high spirits, don’t try to climb the summit at the site.

15. Sanctuary of Apollo, Greece

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This site is sacred and the center of the World. The sacred spring and emitting gases are enough to give you a great revelation. Thus it is a spiritually-stimulating site.

16. Stonehenge, United Kingdom

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The Stonehenge is an old standing stone to form a monument. This site has a spiritual significance that can induce power and heal people of their ailments.

17.  Byron Bay, Australia

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Bryon Bay is a beautiful site that has an exertion of magnetic force from the Obsidian veins. These properties make Bryon Bay a place of high spiritual stimulation.

18. The Western Wall, Jerusalem

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This is a sacred place significant in history for the spiritual activities of the Jews. Anyone irrespective of religion is allowed to visit the place for prayers to God.

19. 88 Temple Circuit, Japan

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There are 88 temples on Shikoku Island where your life issues can be solved. You are purified in the temples because each one is a representation of different issues of a man’s life.

20. Source of the Ganges, India

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It is believed to be the holiest and therefore held with high esteem by the Indians. A lot of rituals and other spiritual activities are carried out on this site.

21. Adams Peak, Sri Lanka

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The Buddhists believe that the imprint made on Adam’s Peak was by Buddha when he left the earth to heaven, while others believe that the imprint was made by Adam himself before he was sent out of the garden. The mountain attracts a lot of pilgrims who worship and perform other spiritual rites.

22. Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

30 Most Spiritual Sites in the World

There is a lake in Canada named Manitou, which gets water from underground sources. The lake has healing powers and spiritual significance. Thus, it is regarded as a spiritually-stimulating site.

23. Mount Sinai, Egypt

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Mount Sinai is a memorial and spiritually-stimulating place because it was the site where Moses got the Ten Commandments from God.

24. Hill of Tara

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This hill has a lot of large monuments that are hidden but significant. You must be able to perceive things with your heart and not just looking with your eyes alone.

25. Mount Shasta, California

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A site is full of beautiful landscapes and a source of attraction to tourists. People who have visited the site report a high level of spiritual atmosphere in the environment.

26. Spirits Bay, North Island, New Zealand

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Spirits Bay is a site where spirits get drawn to before leaving the World. The site possesses some spiritual and mystical presence in its environment.

27. Mount Arunachala, Indian

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There are 8 temples on this mountain that are regarded as sacred and celestial and capable of healing people of ailments.

28.  Nazca Lines, Peru

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Nazca lines in Peru depicted some patterns whose origin and meaning have been argued for ages. Recently, researchers concluded that the lines were spiritual and ritualistic.

29. Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Santa Fe is a site where there are an alignment of the physical, spiritual and mystical powers. Many visit the site and live here because of the beautiful landscapes and natural convenience of the environment.

30. Assisi, Italy

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Saint Francis spent his whole life close to Assisi, and he lived a humble life that gave him a place among the most loved saints in Italy. The site is also spiritually-stimulating.

Having gone through the list of the most spiritually-stimulating sites in the World,  I am sure you are ready to embark on a trip to the site that most interests you. Happy visiting.

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