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7 Cheap TEFL Courses Online (Fully Accredited)


Getting TEFL certified can result in fun travel job opportunities around the world. But it can be hard to make a large investment in a TEFL certification program upfront.

In this post, I’ll talk about some of the best cheap TEFL courses that will allow you to achieve your teaching aspirations without breaking the bank! Not only are these options more affordable, but they are recognized companies. 

Get a cheap TEFL certification online with one of these 7 legitimate, accredited companies. 

What is a TEFL Certification?

A TEFL Certification is a credential that allows you to teach English as a foreign language in another country. You can get certified by completing a TEFL training course.

In your course, you’ll learn basic teaching skills and methods that will make you a more effective educator. 

I got TEFL certified in 2017 because I knew I wanted a job that would allow me to travel. I discovered online teaching and have been virtually tutoring students from all over the world while wearing pajama pants ever since! 

Teaching online from my virtual classroom

TEFL Job Opportunities

Once you have your TEFL certificate, there are a lot of exciting directions you could choose to go in!

You could teach beginner English to small children in China, or business English to professionals in Brazil, or help teenagers in Thailand prepare for language exams. 

If remote work is more your style, you could start teaching English online to students all over the world. The best part is that most TEFL certifications are universally accepted and never expire, so you can change up your teaching gig as much as you want. 

Types Of TEFL Courses

Once you’ve decided to get TEFL certified, you’ll need to choose the best type of course for you. TEFL programs fall into three main categories: online courses, in-person courses, and combination courses. 

In this article, we’re going to focus on the cheap online TEFL courses you can take (the in-person ones are more expensive).

In an online TEFL course, you will complete all the modules on your computer at your own pace.

Online courses are best for people with busy schedules. They are also often the least expensive option because you don’t have to pay to travel to the training location or take time off work while you study. 

Cheap TEFL Courses: How Many Hours Should I Take?

All TEFL courses are offered in hour increments. You might see 60, 80, 120, and 240-hour TEFL courses all offered by the same company.

This number refers to how many hours it should take you to finish all the material. Higher hour courses mean you’ll receive more in-depth training. 

Lower-hour courses will be less expensive, but be careful about signing up for a cheap TEFL certification course that is too short.

Most countries and companies require that you have a minimum 120-hour TEFL certificate to qualify for teaching jobs. As a rule of thumb, stick to 120-hours or higher to keep your options open. 

Because a 120-hour TEFL course is a minimum requirement for most teaching positions, I’m only comparing 120-hour course offerings below.

While some companies may offer lower-hour courses for less money, it’s worth getting the 120-hour option to have a full range of job opportunities. 

I teach online, but with a TEFL, you can teach around the world in a classroom as well.


For a TEFL certificate to actually help you get a job abroad (or online), it must be accredited. This means that an official educational body has reviewed the material and given it a stamp of approval. 

Legitimate courses have their accreditation information listed clearly on their website. All the courses discussed below are accredited. 

A Note About Pricing And Cheap TEFL Courses Online

It’s common for TEFL companies to offer steep discounts on their course prices. There are some companies that regularly discount their courses by 50-80%.

For this reason, I highly recommend that you click the links below to see what deals are being offered at the time you read this post. Even if a course price sounds too high, you might find a special offer when you go to the website. 

In this article, I’ll include the “normal” course price as well as the current discounts. Keep in mind this might change by the time you are signing up for a course so it’s worth it to check out what each company offers. 


MyTEFL offers courses that are cheap, self-paced, and fully online. They have great reviews from previous students and are a reliable option for someone who wants the TEFL basics. 

What This Course Offers

MyTEFL courses are fully accredited. They include unlimited virtual tutor support which is great if you’re new to teaching and have questions.

Most students finish their 120-hour online TEFL course in 3-6 weeks. You’ll receive a certificate and letter of recommendation at the end of your TEFL course. 

Pros And Cons Of MyTEFL

The upside of MyTEFL is that you can get a legitimate, high-quality TEFL course for an affordable price.

When you finish the course, you’ll get your certificate and a letter of recommendation which could help you find future jobs. You can also reach out to MyTEFL for job placement assistance at any time. 

The downside of MyTEFL is that their courses don’t have hands-on training.

While you’ll leave the course with a good theoretical knowledge of TEFL teaching, you might want to arrange your own teaching practice or classroom observations before landing your first job.

MyTEFL Course Cost

The 120-hour online MyTEFL course costs $299. Goats On The Road readers receive 35% off by using promo code GOATS35 at check out.


2. TEFLPros

TEFL Pros is a 120-hour online option with great reviews! One of the best parts about TEFL Pros is that they actually offer a free mini-TEFL training lesson so you can see if the course is a good fit before you purchase. 

What This Course Offers

TEFL Pros is fully accredited and can be completed whenever you want. Usually, it takes students about 3-6 weeks to work through all the material.

The lessons cover a wide array of practical topics like classroom management and how to teach grammar, reading, writing, and speaking. 

Pros And Cons Of TEFLPros

The upside of TEFL Pros is that they are focused on preparing teachers for real life in the classroom. Teachers must complete a portfolio of activities and lesson plans that they will receive feedback on.

Later, they can use these materials in their classrooms. Also, TEFL Pros includes several hours of classroom footage from real ESL classrooms. 

The downside of TEFL pros is that they don’t have formal job placement assistance.

Even though they will provide you with resources to write a good teacher resume and prepare for your interview, they don’t advertise their job placement services. Instead, they claim to prepare you so well you don’t need help finding a job. 

TEFL Pros Course Cost

Goats On The Road readers receive a 10% discount by using promo code GOATS10. Remember that they also offer a free trial so you can see if the course is right for you before you purchase it.

Go To teflpros

3. UNI-Prep Institute

Founded in 2005, UNI-Prep Institute offers 3 affordable TEFL certifications online — they often have special offers as well.

TEFL Courses

These TEFL courses are packed with easy-to-follow video content, reading materials, assignments, activities (that you can use when teaching), and numerous specialty modules as well.

The courses are totally self-paced, so you can study on your own schedule. 

What This Course Offers

UNI-Prep Institue TEFL courses are fully accredited and include 24/7 virtual tutor support. Even though UNI-Prep offers one of the cheapest TEFL certifications, it’s great value for money.

Once you pass, they provide you with job search assistance and are actually partners with recruiters at schools worldwide. 

There’s no final exam and most students finish this 120-hour online TEFL course in 2-4 weeks.

Pros And Cons Of UNI-Prep Institute

One of the many pros of UNI-Prep’s affordable TEFL courses are the specialization courses that are included.

As well as the main videos and lessons, the company includes specialty modules such as teaching English online, teaching young learners, teaching business English, teaching grammar, and more. 

As a bonus, UNI-Prep offers a 20-hour practicum that can be added to your TEFL (at no extra cost). It’s not mandatory for passing your TEFL but is a huge perk and will no doubt help prepare you for your teaching position. 

When you finish your course, you’ll get your TEFL certificate mailed to you (for free), help with your resume, and assistance with your job search.

UNI-Prep TEFL Course Cost

The 120-hour online UNI-Prep course costs $300 (although, it’s often discounted by 50%). It’s currently available for $195, making it a very affordable TEFL course.

go to uni-prep institute

4. i-to-i TEFL

i-to-i TEFL offers a wide range of courses, but if you’re trying to stick to a budget, their Level 3 Introductory is the cheapest TEFL course. In the 120-hour course by i-to-i, students can work at their own pace and get the help of a virtual tutor. 

Like all companies on this list, i-to-i is fully accredited

What This Course Offers

i-to-i TEFL regularly offers deep discounts, making them one of the most affordable TEFL programs on this list.

When you enroll, you’ll receive all accredited course materials and you’ll get access to tutor support along the way. You’ll also get 6 free ebooks about TEFL Teaching for free. 

Pros And Cons Of i-to-i TEFL

On the upside, i-to-i TEFL courses are very cheap. According to student reviews, the material is straightforward you’ll likely be able to move through it quickly. 

Unfortunately, i-to-i TEFL has received some negative student reviews about the level of customer support and depth of material. Some previous students feel that there could have been more information provided, especially about trickier concepts like teaching grammar. 

i-to-i TEFL Course Cost

Normally, the 120-hour i-to-i TEFL course costs $499. Right now, the cheapest TEFL course is discounted, and includes five free gifts, valued at $400! 

Go to i-to-i tefl

5. International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

TEFL Courses

The ITTT program has been around since 1998, is fully accredited and is well established in the TEFL space. Their online course is packed with over 20 lessons ranging from teaching parts of speech to effective evaluation. 

What This Course Offers

ITTT offers in-depth material that prepares students for their future classrooms. They also offer support to graduated students through job placement assistance, interview preparation, and resume help. 

Pros And Cons Of ITTT

Across the board, ITTT has good student reviews. It’s good value for money and you’ll learn a lot of practical information. 

One downside that previous students mention is that there is a summative task at the end of the course. This assessment will cover material from all the modules, so you probably don’t want to take too long to finish the course. 

ITTT Course Cost

ITTT has two versions of the 120-hour TEFL Course, one with extra videos and tutor support and one without.

The 120-hour TEFL course on its own costs $249. The upgraded course costs $349. Goats On The Road readers receive 15% off using this link

go to  ittt tefl 

6. Premier TEFL

Premier TEFL offers online, blended, and advanced level 5 TEFL courses. They can also help teachers find paid internships and TEFL teaching jobs around the world. Their 120-hour online TEFL course is fully accredited and perfect for those new to teaching. 

What This Course Offers

The 120-hour course by Premier TEFL comes with 120-hour accredited online training, an internationally recognized certificate, a letter of reference, personal tutor support, friendly job hunting advice, and a flexible study schedule. You can study using the TEFL app. 

Pros And Cons Of Premier TEFL

Premier TEFL students love the self-paced nature of the course and the quality of the material. 

As a downside, some students did mention that they had trouble getting in contact with customer support, and that feedback throughout the program was minimal.

However, if you’re looking for a cheap TEFL certification that you can work through at your own pace without much instructor interaction, this could be a good fit. 

Premier TEFL Course Cost

The 120 hour course is usually $439, but it’s often on sale and is currently $239 making it a budget-friendly TEFL.

7. The TEFL Org

Initially, this list was going to be just 5 companies, but there are actually 7 reputable companies offering cheap TEFL courses.

The TEFL Org is an internationally accredited TEFL course company with programs to suit a variety of students. If you’re looking for legitimate, budget-friendly courses, look at their 120-hour Premier Online TEFL/TESOL Course.

What This Course Offers

This course is one of the most popular courses offered by The TEFL Org because it is affordable and self-paced.

In 5 modules covering a range of topics like teaching large groups, planning activities in the classroom, and parts of speech, students will learn the foundations of TEFL teaching methods. 

TEFL Courses

Pros And Cons Of The TEFL Org

An upside to this course is that students have six months to work through the material at their own pace. Most students will finish in around 2-3 months, but it’s nice to have the extra time if needed. Also, graduates get a lifetime of job placement assistance. 

The downside is that there isn’t a hands-on teaching element to this program. 

The TEFL Org Course Cost

The TEFL Org 120-hour course normally costs $509 but it’s currently being offered for $230.00.

go to tefl org

Should I Choose The Cheapest TEFL Course?

While it can be tempting to just grab one of the cheapest TEFL courses out there, take some time to make sure the program is in line with your needs.

It is definitely possible to get a quality TEFL course for an inexpensive price, but be sure to verify the following:

The TEFL course is accredited
It’s enough hours that you’ll qualify for the job you want (most countries/companies require 120-hours minimum)
It includes additional features like tutor support and job assistance if needed
You can find positive student reviews about the company on third-party review sites

If you find a cheap TEFL certification that meets all your requirements and will prepare you for your future classroom, that’s great news! You’ll be on your way to an exciting TEFL job without breaking the bank in no time.

Once you’re TEFL certified, you can start searching for teaching jobs. For qualified teachers, check out PrePly and Cambly. For those of you who are TEFL certified, but don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree, don’t worry, there are many companies that will hire you!

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