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7 most visited beaches in Italy for an exciting getaway


Italy is home to some of the best beaches in the world. In this article, we will provide the 7 most visited beaches in Italy for an exciting getaway. Thinking of having a beach-timeout in Italy? Here are our top picks for you.

1. Mare Piccolo beach in Tropea, Italy

7 most visited beaches in Italy for an exciting getaway

Mare Piccolo is one of the main beaches in Tropea, Italy. This beach is so nice for its resplendent turquoise water, sparkling hues, beautiful beach stretch, which has the perfect view of the little “santuario di santa” rock along with amazing bars and lidos.

The beach has empty spots to lay your towel and also stay to enjoy the beautiful beach view under a friendly sunset. There is also a cave tunnel where you can hide for a more private moment. Parking space may be difficult and expensive, mostly when the beach is crowded, but you can always find a place to park before entering the main town of Tropea.

2. Sinis Peninsula and Aruttas beaches

7 most visited beaches in Italy for an exciting getaway

Sinis Peninsula extends into the Golfo di Oristano, on the western shore. It’s home to some of the best island beaches in Sardinia, Italy. The shoreline is known for its birdlife, and unusual Is Aruttas beaches. The beaches of the Sinis peninsula generally consist of different quartz colors of tiny water-worms particles known as grains of rice sand. If you move out into the bay in the region, you’ll find a beach with clear crystal water and a sandy seabed.

The sinus peninsula also consists of beautiful beaches with long rolling waves and clear waters, making them favorites for surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. Some of them include the very long Horseshoe-shaped Spiaggia Su Portu and Capo Mannu, which are best for surfing, the little cove beaches of Sa Figu and Dei Tedeschi are also good for scuba diving. Credit goes to the source of our information, You can visit them for more information on the best beaches in Sardinia, Italy. 

3. Amalfi Coast

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The Amalfi Coast is located in the Campania region of Italy, and it projects vibrant Mediterranean water along with superb terrain and sky-high coastal cliffs that display vibrant vegetation and multicolored well-positioned towns.

Besides the vibrant Mediterranean water and the beautiful sky-high coastal cliffs, the Amalfi coast also hosts some beautiful and amazing resorts and attractive villas that make your visit a better experience. Some of these amazing locations include… 

  • The pastel-colored positano that attracts travellers and tourist as a result of  its luxurious cliffside resorts and beautiful Italian dining
  •   The large commercial and technical hub at the heart of the Amalfi coast itself.
  • The stunning villas and beautiful ocean views of Ravello town will give you a memorable experience
  •  Praiano’s shorelines will suit beach lovers 
  • Minori is a place where you can have some of the oldest pastas in the world.

4. The Samson’s Beach: Spiaggia di sansone

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Beach, commonly known as Spiaggia di Sansone, is located on the beautiful Elba Island, off the Italian mainland. The beautiful beach is surrounded by high cliffs on which greens are naturally grown, and the crystal-clear water and small white pebbles are a major attraction for beach lovers. Many tourists consider Sanson’s beach to be one of the best beaches on Elba Island. There is also a Park by the roadside for easy parking of your ride.

 5. Costa Smeralda, sardinia

7 most visited beaches in Italy for an exciting getaway

 Costa Smeralda is located in Northern Sardinia. The beaches in this coastal region are the nicest in Sardinia, Italy. The Capriccioli beach is one of the best beaches in this region. It is known for its clear water and gentle waves, accessibility to parking, Beach bars, and nice shade trees. More so, you get to know and enjoy places like the cobblestone port village (Porto Cervo), luxurious retail stores for fun shopping, pasta with the sauce, and other of the nicest Italian desserts to enjoy in one of the best beaches in northern Italy in Sardinia. 

In conclusion, the coastal Smeralda of Northern Sardinia is a natural fit location for tourism, because there are a lot of nice places there, so considering it in your next holiday vacation can be some awesome experience for you and your loved ones.

6. The small Island of Capri

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Capri is an amazing place to visit for beach lovers. The rugged cliffs and crystal clear waters of the small island of Capri are going to give you a feel of nature’s relief.  The bright green trees and gardens,  colorful marinas, and squares of Capri are just truthful in their appearance and feel. The Bay of Naples, world-class restaurants, fun taking hikes, five-star hotels, and small shops in Capri are all well qualified to fulfill your need. 


7. Spiaggia del Gigantic

7 most visited beaches in Italy for an exciting getaway

Do you love prehistoric statues and Culture, along with a nice view of cliff islands and several beaches? Then, it would be best if you tried visiting the Giant beach of Spiaggia del Gigante, located in the Monterosso town of Cinque Terre, Northern Italy. The breathtaking view makes it one of the top beaches in northern Italy. Spiaggia del Gigante is one of Italy’s finest cultural heritage sites.

The white sand and small pebbles of the beach are very handy and beautiful to look upon. More iconically is Neptune’s impressive 14 meters statue, which is believed to be the God and protector of the sea. Visiting Spiaggia del Gigante of Cinque Terre is not enough for you to only see a beach because there are many romantic towns and villages along the coastline where you can see to experience the taste of the Italian culture and tradition.

Beaches are one the nicest places to visit, but when to visit, where to visit, and how to go about visiting any of these places can be sometimes challenging, so we put forward 7 of the most visited beaches In Italy. Please note when to visit any of these beaches as they are always too crowded in the summer period. More so, they can be parking challenges as you will want to be prepared concerning where you would want your ride to be.

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