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8 Nigerian Dishes You Must Try


Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, is a beautiful place, home to hundreds of different ethnicities, languages, and eye-catching tourist attraction. If you think of a place in Africa to spend your vacation, Nigeria might be the place for you. Most people think Nigeria is only best known for its beautiful landmarks and wildlife reserve, but one thing you must try is a Nigerian delicacy.

People say the best way to win a heart is from the stomach itself, and if you belong to that group of persons, you might be in luck cause here are some of the finest Nigerian dishes that will make your stay in Nigeria a memorable one.

1. Jollof rice

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The name sounds exciting. Yes, that is just one of its many features; no list of Nigerian foods can be complete without Jollof rice being added to it. This is one of Nigeria’s popular meals; Jollof rice is a combination of rice, tomatoes, chili pepper, and many more countless ingredients. There are endless recipes for making this wonderful and delicious Nigerian dish. Depending on how you want your taste buds to react, it can be served with beef, chicken, fish, or even green leaves to favor vegetarians. Jollof rice is used for any event, and it will always make the crowd ask for more.

2. Pounded yam

As the name implies, is a local Nigerian dish made out of mashed yam. It can enjoy various soups ranging from afang soup, egusi soup, okro soup, and even vegetables. To prepare this electrifying piece of art, the yam is first peeled, washed with clean water, and then boiled to make soft, and it is then put in a mortar and pounded to make a smooth mold-able mash. Pounded yam can be served on all occasions. The western part of Nigeria, known as the Yoruba’s, is known to be fond of this dish.

3. Egusi soup

This is one of the most popular local dishes in Nigeria. The soup is rich in protein and has a creamy texture and pack with flavor that makes your taste buds ask for more. Egusi comprises different ingredients; melon seeds, red oil (palm oil), meat, fish, vegetables, and other mouth-watering ingredients. It can be served with pounded yam and garri and can be done on different occasions.

4. Pepper soup

This is another Nigerian dish that must be on the must-try list of Nigerian foods. This spicy dish is made with goat meat and can also be made with fish, chicken, and other meat. This healthy dish is made out of natural Nigerian spice. Although there are different ways of preparing this soup, no recipe is complete without Nigerian red and green pepper, alligator pepper, and much more Nigerian ingredients that blast on your taste buds. It can be served on all occasions and with different sub meals like plantain, rice, etc. If you know, you’re not the type that loves pepper, ensure to keep a glass of water or a soft drink by your side.

5. Tuwo shinkafa


This is a meal mostly associated with the northerner’s (Hausa tribe). Tuwo shinkafa translates into boiled rice. It is made by cooking rice to make it soft and tender, and the rice is then mashed, making it semi solid and mold-able. This dish can be eaten with soups like Miyan Kuka and Miyan Kardashi.

6. Afang soup

This meal is flavor-packed and is associated with the Efik people, the southern part of Nigeria. Afang is a vegetable soup prepared with the afang leaf or okazi leaf, meat, fish, water leaf, and more. Due to the hardness, the leaf is sliced into tiny bits and then pounded. This soup can be served with garri, pounded yam, and even fufu and will go well on any occasion, leaving a smile on your face.

7. Nkowobi


This meal hales from the east part of Nigeria, shared among the Igbos. Nkowobi is made from cow leg and head. It a traditional dish and is most cook or prepared with utazi leaf, red oil ( palm oil), and other Nigerian ingredients.

8. Moi Moi


This is a Nigerian dish that has made its way up Nigerians’ hearts because of its pack full flavor and unique taste. This meal is made out of processed beans that can be prepared with meat, fish, egg, crayfish, and other kinds of seafood. It can be eaten alone or with other sub meals like socked garri, custard, even oat.

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