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9 amazing restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is an amazing city that’s vastly known for good foods. It’s a growing and great hub for foodies. Puerto Rico has a rich culinary history and an equally promising future as an innovative food capital. We have taken time to give the nine amazing restaurants in San Juan.

Visiting historical landmarks and museums in Puerto Rico will give you a taste of its culture, but if you really want to dig into the Puerto Rican lifestyle, you have to try its great food. Beyond the beautiful white sand beaches, you’ll find plenty of places to eat at the best restaurants in Puerto Rico. 

Here’s a list of nine amazing restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

La Cambija

9 amazing restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Another best restaurant in Old San Juan to eat is in Puerto Rico. It is a casual, open-air restaurant in Rincón that serves authentic Puerto Rican dishes specializing specifically in seafood. It is popularly known for its catch-of-the-day menu. La Cambija is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Many locals recommend ordering the pinchos, which are your choice of grilled seafood served on skewers. It’s the best for Fresh seafood and local cuisine. 

Estella Restaurants

9 amazing restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Estela Restaurant offers guests a cozy space to enjoy its locally sourced dishes. It is one of the best places to eat in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is situated in the beach town of Rincón. It’s best for environmentally conscious food lovers, including vegans and vegetarians.

With an all-vegan menu and ingredients from local farmers, Estela Restaurant prides itself on its dedication to maintaining the local environment. Guests can also choose from all grass-fed meats and daily catch of the day. This quaint little spot is great for the environmentally conscious foodie. 

Casita Miramar

9 amazing restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico

It is located in a cozy Spanish villa. You’ll be just as comforted by the food as you are by the atmosphere. It’s one of the top restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico. With dishes like beef stew and its own take on Puerto Rico’s famous mofongo, you’ll be able to get the true taste of the island’s culture as Casita Miramar.

It’s home to some of the best authentic Puerto Rican food in San Juan. Casita Miramar serves Comida Criolla that embodies the island’s Spanish, African, and Taino heritage. Locals love it here, and it’s great for getting a true taste of local cuisine. 

1919 Restaurant

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Another top restaurant in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is the 1919 restaurant. The restaurant has a stunning view of the ocean and serves high-quality cuisine prepared by Puerto Rican native and Michelin-star chef Juan Jose Cuevas. One of the best restaurants in Puerto Rico. Located in the luxurious Condado Vanderbilt Hotel. 1919 is one of the most elegant restaurants situated along the waterfront. The menu, primarily traditional Puerto Rican cuisine with a modern flare, changes seasonally, and each dish is prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

A great place for luxury travelers who want an elegant and traditional dining experience. When the occasion calls for a fancy dinner, there is none better than 1919. Located inside the luxe Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, the food has far more substance than the big hotel-style environs might suggest, as Cuevas cooked at New York’s legendary Blue Hill before returning home to Puerto Rico to give local ingredients the fine-dining treatment. Dinner at 1919 Restaurant during sunset is a truly breathtaking experience that many guests deem an unforgettable part of any trip to Puerto Rico, and rate this one of the best restaurants in San Juan.

Marmalade Restaurant / Wine bar

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If you want an experience, look no further than Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar. It’s one of the best restaurants in old San Juan.  Here, we’ll find dim lighting that sets an intimate mood, and instead of an a la carte menu, Marmalade, Restaurant & Wine Bar offers three tasting menus. Whether it’s four, five, or six courses, the dishes include Puerto Rican cuisine with international fusion and an emphasis on local organic vegetables.

It’s the best place for luxury travelers looking for an upscale taste of Puerto Rican classics as well as vegetarians and vegans. The food prepared by Chef Peter Schintler, who apprenticed with Gordon Ramsay, will excite any guest, including the vegetarian or vegan in your life.

La Casita Blanca 

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Another great restaurant in Puerto Rico. La Casita Blanca is a hidden gem and off the beaten path for most travelers in a mostly residential area. La Casita Blanca means little white house. It evokes the same simplicity as its title. As a haven for locals. It’s truly one of the best restaurants in old San Juan.

La Casita Blanca is a no-frills, homestyle restaurant serving a strictly Spanish menu of about 20 items that change daily. It’s a good place for families with children who want to try affordable local cuisine and feel like they’re getting an authentic Puerto Rican culinary experience. Come hungry to La Casita Blanca because this restaurant serves large portions and gives you a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to included sides and appetizers.


9 amazing restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico

La Alcapurria quema offers a more laid-back way to get your hands on some of the best of Puerto Rican comfort food. Its small and almost hidden establishment would blend in with its surroundings if it weren’t for its already well-known reputation as one of the best restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Guests flock to La Alcapurria Quemá for its alcapurrias, Puerto Rican fritters made with mashed plantains or yucca and stuffed with meat.

With a friendly and relaxed vibe, this restaurant is great if you want to get a quick but meaningful glimpse into Puerto Rican cuisine. It’s a great place for loyal locals who love alcapurrias and anyone who wants to try local food without any need for added frills.


9 amazing restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico

For an elevated take on local cuisine in a rustic but chic setting. Santaella is the place to be for locals and travelers alike. One of the best restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is centered around a lush tropical garden. This restaurant serves dishes that are rooted in local cuisine. Santaella takes traditional dishes to new heights with menu items such as quesadillas, goat cheese, truffle oil, and mouth-watering pork belly mofongo.

Chef José Santaella, a Puerto Rico native, has trained with some of the world’s top chefs and uses this global influence to add creativity and flair to every dish. It is best for foodies and adventurous travelers who want to try local cuisine that’s both comforting and exciting.

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