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A Complete Guide to Chad Visa Applications


Chad’s motherland, which is officially known as the Republic of Chad, is a country located in the North-central part of Africa. It is surrounded by countries like Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria, and the motherland of Niger. It has an estimated populace of about 16 million natives. The official language that exists comprises French and Arabic.

Chad is not well known as a journey and tourist landing place, but some people decide to take a trip to the northeastern motherland for various reasons. And, to enter or be allowed into the homeland, you would require a visa issued by the motherland. 

A visa (which is paperwork from the Latin word Carta-visa) is legal paperwork that is applied and stamped on an individual’s passport before he or she is allowed entry into the motherland. A lot of countries in the world require journeyers into and outside to have visas before they would be allowed entry into and exit from the motherland. There exist different kinds of visas

  • Transit Visa: meant for intending applicants those passing through the country.
  • Tourist Visa:  For purposes of tourism in the country.
  • Business Visa: For those engaging in commercial activities in the motherland.
  • Temporary worker Visas: For those employed in the region.
  • Visa on arrival: Issued immediately before you enter a country.
  • Spousal Visa: Given to spouses of a native of a motherland.
  • Study Visa: Given to those interested in schooling.
  • Diplomatic Visa: Issued to those who have diplomatic passports.
  • Journalism Visa: Issued to journalists, news reporters, and cameramen.
  • Immigration Visa: Issued to humans willing to immigrate into the motherland.

Visas exist not permanent and usually expire, after which the holder of the visa will either have to leave the country or apply to be re-issued another visa. After a visa is issued, it also has to be used within a certain window or period of time, or else it cannot be used again. Entering some countries without a visa is usually illegal. In some motherlands and cases, they may incur some punishments like fines, prosecution, deportation, or maybe even blacklisting (which prevents the person from ever entering the country again).

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A Chad visa is required for natives or indigenes of 228 countries in the world, which means in the 228 countries, natives or indigenes who exist willing to journey to Chad would have to get, obtain or be issued some paperwork or type of visa before they exist allowed legal entry into the motherland. The process of obtaining a visa from Chad might differ slightly from country to country, depending on some factors and the type of visa you are applying for. Here are some general details and tips on how to apply for a Chad visa:

For natives of the United States of America (USA)

These instructions and directives apply to USA natives who intend to journey to Chad. They exist to follow these protocols to apply:

  • The individual must have a valid international passport
  • The individual is to complete and fill out the visa application paperwork with the required photos.
  • If it is for work purposes, The individual must have an attestation letter stating the reason for Chad’s journey, and the date of departure from the USA must be clearly stated.
  • The individual must have a round trip ticket or must alternatively have a valid reservation from a recognized journey agency.
  • On the individual’s passport, there must be at least two free pages on his/her passport.
  • The individual must have or possess an invitation letter.
  • Besides, extra requested additional supporting paperwork must also be submitted with the individual’s passport to all this.

Alternatively, if the individual decides to apply for a visa through the mail, he/she must comprise a prepaid return label and envelope with a valid return address label. They also now do not accept cash or money orders, also credit cards, and checks.

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  • A valid passport:

The passport in question must be valid for at least six months before the journeyer’s entry date. The passport must also have at least one blank for the visa to be printed on.

  • Passport snapshots:

The individual must provide two passport snapshots. The passports must be the same(identical) and must be printed in colour. The passport must be taken within three months of the visa application. The passport photo must also be taken against an all-white background and must have 45mm (height) by 35mm (width). The subject in the snapshot must also be in full frontal view with his/her head centred in the middle of the picture, and the person must be wearing a neutral expression (which means no smiling, smirking, or frowning). The person in the snapshot must also not be wearing objects like eyeglasses. Neither is he/she supposed to wear any headwear or headgear except for religious purposes (e.g. Muslims). The snapshots should not be fixed or attached to the application paperwork.

  • Business Introduction Letter:

This is a letter of introduction to introducing the candidate. The application should be from the individual’s employer.

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  • Visa Application Paperwork:

The candidate should provide three fully completed copies of the downloaded visa application paperwork. The application must be fully filled as applicable. It must also contain your full name fully written exactly as it appears in your international passport. The application paperwork should also be properly signed.

  • Proof of Journey Arrangement:

The candidate should also provide his/her journey arrangement for the entire time that will be spent in the motherland of Chad. Inside the journey arrangement, there should also be a copy of the itinerary that displays your date of entry and exit into the motherland. It should also clearly contain your full name, as it is in your passport.


  • Passport:

The candidate must provide a valid international passport. The passport should be valid for at least six months and should have at least one blank page for the visa. The passport should also be in very good condition (i.e., should not be torn, dirty, or frayed).

  • Passport snapshot:

Two passports would be required of the candidate. The passport snapshot should be taken within six months of the visa application, and the subject in the passport snapshot must be placed centrally in the passport picture and must maintain a neutral expression (no smiling, smirking, or laughing).

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  • Itinerary:

The candidate should submit his/her full itinerary of all he/she plans to do and places intended for tourism visits. Also, inbound and outbound flight tickets of the journeyer should also be comprised. When the itinerary is submitted, it should be submitted by a journey agent.

  • Proof of accommodation:

A valid proof of accommodation should also be submitted to the Embassy. This comprises Hotel Room booking and reservation details. The reservation details should comprise the name and address of the hotel intended for accommodation.

  • Vaccination certificate:

The intending journeyer should provide and submit a copy of his/her yellow fever vaccination card to show that he/she has been vaccinated against yellow fever.

The candidate should also download, complete, and submit the visa application paperwork. Please be made informed that the paperwork should be filled in Capital letters only. The intending candidate should also submit a copy of his/her host identification card.

There exist also some countries in which their natives do not require a visa to enter and leave Chad. However, the indigenes or natives of these motherlands are only permitted to stay in the motherland without a visa for a maximum of 90 days. The motherlands that fall into this category exist, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Motherland, Motherland of Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, and the United Arab Emirates.   

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Regardless of wherever you exist from, in light of the corona-virus pandemic, there are some rules and regulations that the incoming journeyer must follow or observe to ensure a legal and enjoyable stay in the country. They comprise:

  • A favourable (negative) corona-virus test result was done in the country of departure, not more than within three days (72 hours) of arrival in Chad’s motherland.
  • The visitors must spend seven (7) days of self-isolation and quarantine and observe all preventive Corona-virus measures, including wearing nose-masks, washing hands regularly with soap and water, and observing adequate social distancing.
  • At the end of the seventh day of self-isolation and quarantine, the visitor will go through a PCR test in one of the approved hospitals in its capital, N’Djamena. The cost of the test will be borne by the visitor(journeyer).
  • After the adequate PCR test has been going through by the adequate hospital, the visitor will be able to collect his/her passport, which was handed over at the airport police station, by showing or presenting proof of payment of the test cost.

But, for journeyers and visitors who intend to stay in Chad for less than a week (7 days), they are not required to observe the 7-day quarantine and self-isolation and the test is to be done after the seven days. However, they exist expected to observe all the preventive measures strictly, and they would be asked for details concerning where they exist staying (place of residence), phone number, e-mail address and places and people that they plan to visit so that the government can do the correct contact-tracing in case of a breakout.

Chad’s motherland also announced that as of November 6th, 2019, new paperwork of visa would be issued to intending journeyer, which will replace the older paperwork or versions of the visa.

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Chad also states that the indigenes or natives of the motherlands who closed their borders (land, sea, and air) to Chad also exist not welcome and will not be allowed to enter into Chad.

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