A Complete Guide To Palau Visa Applications

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On the western part of the Pacific ocean is an Island nation called Palau. Its total land area is 459 km2, and it has a population of 18,138, making it the 222nd country in the world in terms of population. Ngerulmud is its capital. The Oceanian nation is a sovereign state under a compact of free association with the United States. This beautiful nation is an attractive place with its unique ecosystem, jellyfish lakes, giant monoliths, gushing waterfalls, and wonderful people.

A Complete Guide To Palau Visa Applications
Image by JAY PARK from Pixabay


Like any other country, it is an official document obtained by an individual lawful entry into Palau. It is issued either physically or electronically.


If you’re from a visa-free country, you do not require a visa. However, all countries worldwide except Myanmar (Burma) and Bangladesh must acquire visas before arrival in Palau.

Both excluded nations have no other option than to apply from their home country.      


These are the different types of visas in Palau:

  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Transit Visa

Tourist visa

This type of visa is issued for a brief length of leisure travel or to visit loved ones in Palau. The visa is for personal and not business purposes.

Business Visa

This is issued to individuals to enable them to partake in short-term commercial activities in Palau or business conferences and seminars.

Most times, a written Statement by the establishment or association you’re visiting expressing why you’re coming and how long you’re staying is required.

Palauan Transit Visa

It is a movement visa given to people moving via a port in Palau to a third country. This visa is generally valid for 3 days or less.

Screenshot 2021 01 07 Embassy Registration A Complete Guide To Palau Visa Applications
A Complete Guide To Palau Visa Applications


Valid Identification

Each prospective visitor arriving in Palau must have a valid means of identification. The Identifying document must be valid for at least half a year at the time of entry.

Proof of return or ahead movement

A prospective visitor must also arrive with proof that he/she will return or move on. This is necessary to assure the officials that you’re not planning to stay illegally.

Proof of sustainability

A visitor must also have adequate money, not less than two hundred dollars weekly, to sustain him/her in Palau. This can be in the form of bank statements or any other acceptable proof.


These are the countries whose citizens can access Palau without a visa

Countries with One year Visa-Free Stay

Foreigners from the United States of America, Marshall Island, Micronesia, and American Samoa are at liberty to access Palau and dwell for a year with no visa. However, they must possess a legitimate means of identification that has been in use for not less than six months before entry.

Nonetheless, this does not apply to the United States armed forces staff visiting Palau for official purposes. They just need to present official requests or reports confirming their status.

Countries with Sixty Days Visa-Free Stay

Nationals of Israel, Sweden, Taiwan, and 26 European countries under the Schengen area can visit and remain in Palau for sixty days without a Visa. They are obliged to provide a valid means of identification at the time of entry.

Countries with Thirty days Visa-Free Stay

Russian citizens can gain access to Palau without a visa and stay for thirty days. They are obliged to provide a legitimate means of identification at the time of entry.


Screenshot 2021 01 07 Palau Visa Application Requirements Residents of Nigeria VisaHQ A Complete Guide To Palau Visa Applications
A Complete Guide To Palau Visa Applications

Nationals from all nations, except for Myanmar and Bangladesh, can acquire a visa on arrival. An imminent visitor should hold proof of adequate funds to obtain a visa on arrival.

Visa in Advance

Currently, nationals of both Bangladesh and Myanmar need visas in their home country before visiting Palau.

Departure Fee

It’s also worthy to note that every visitor exiting the country will settle Departureand Green fees.


Applying for a visa on arrival is a straightforward procedure when it comes to Palau.

Once a visitor arrives, he or she should provide the border check specialists with:

  1. a legitimate identification like a valid passport,
  2. something to prove that you will go back to your own country or that you’ll move on to another country
  3. evidence of enough funds to Sustain their stay in Palau.

Processing is speedily conducted, and you will get your passport back with the visa imprinted in it.

However, the application mode is quite different for Bangladesh and Myanmar citizens, as they have no option other than to apply from their home nation. Nationals of those two nations should get in touch with the Palau embassy nation, other agent specialists, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Palauan visa has a legitimacy of thirty days. It can, however, be extended twice for a fee.



Fees are not required to enter the Oceanian nation. However, any person departing the country, even those absolved from acquiring visas, must pay a departure and green fee of 50 US Dollars combined.


If, for one reason or the other, you long to extend your visa’s longevity, then don’t worry. It’s a simple procedure. You just have to contact Palau’s immigration unit using their address (imm@palaunet.com). It is possible to prolong your stay twice for thirty days each,90 days in total. You’ll be charged 50 US Dollars for it. It is advisable to apply as early as seven days in advance before your permit becomes outdated.


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Image by JAY PARK from Pixabay

Criminal activities are extremely low in the Oceanian country. In any case, it is advisable to keep the properties you own close to you.

Divers and explorers of caves should practice caution because of plenty of unexploded arms left from the second world war. There are no new records of Insurgency in Palau. However, the island nation is inclined to hurricanes and floods.

It is pertinent to note that Palau is prone to tsunamis. You need to know the warning signs and move straight away to better grounds.

Additionally, Insect-borne infections exist in Palau. Guarantee your accommodation is insect-proof. Use insect repellent.

It’s essential to know the laws in Palau too. Unlike most places, the legitimate age to drink alcoholic substances in Palau is twenty-one years

The legal drinking age in Palau is 21 years. In Palau, it is also illegal to drink alcohol in public unless it is in licensed centers.


There are two main ways to get into Palau:

By Air: This is the best way to get into Palau. The country has one small airport in Babeldaob. You should book domestic transportation beforehand with your hotel.

By Boat: Being a nation surrounded by water, Palau is accessed by boat. It is an option, but not preferred.


Because of the Coronavirus, there exist guidelines you must strictly adhere to gain entry into Palau. You must have submitted the Quarantine Certificate Application. The Palauan government issues this. You are also required to present a COVID-19 test result showing a Negative result.

You can download the application online. Fill it and send it to quarantine@palaugov.org. Upon submitting, an email response will be sent to you, indicating if your application has been approved or not.

You must take a coronavirus test not later than seventy-two hours before you leave for Palau. If the result turns out as negative, present it to quarantine@palaugov.org. You will then get your certificate. Present it to all the necessary officials.


1: Download and fill the application form.

2: Send the filled form to the email address, mailto:quarantine@palaugov.org

3: You will receive a mail confirming approval. This email will come with an application number.

4: You can then take a PCR test at least seventy-two hours before you depart.

5: If it turns negative, send it to the email address mailto:quarantine@palaugov.org

6: You’ll be sent the quarantine certificate by email.

7: Present the certificate to checkpoints at the airport before take-off

There you go. May your visit to this Island nation be a memorable one.

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