A Complete Guide to San Marino Visa Application

Are you thinking of Visiting San Marino? This comprehensive guide to San Marino Visa application is meant to ease the stress of processing your San Marino Visa application. San Marino visa policy allows 94 countries to visit the country visa-free. The rest of the other 143 countries will require a Visa to visit the country. San Marino is a developed country with a population of over 33,000 people. Aside from the rich history that surrounds it, the country is an exciting place to visit. 

San Marino Visa exemption  

People visiting San Marino for tourism and business purposes do not require a visa as much as their stay does not exceed 90 days. However, these are the essential entry requirement for those who are visiting the country visa-free:

  • You must own a passport that will be valid for will still be valid six months after your departure date.
  • You must provide proof of having booked an onward return ticket.
  • You must possess all the documents required for your journey. 
  • You must present documents that clearly state your purpose of travel. Example, a business cover letter, registration, conference, etc. 
  • You must show proof of sufficient funds.
  • You should confirm from the airline that an air ticket is possible without a visa.

The essential Requirement for San Marino Visa Application  

Applicants are expected to provide the following documents while submitting their visa applications:

Application form: Applicants must fill in the right information in their Malaysia Visa application form. They should ensure to cross-check to ensure that the information on the form is correctly entered.

A passport-sized photo: The passport-sized photo must a current one not be older than six months. 

Bank Statement: Applicants will be required to submit their current bank statements. The name in the visa application form must reflect the name on the bank statement. The bank statement must carry a current date and the bank account balance. In cases where the bank statement is being printed online, the bank, the statement must come with the bank’s official stamp and the management’s signature to make it authentic. Otherwise, it won’t be accepted.   

Travel Insurance: The applicant must provide proof of bank insurance alongside an insurance certificate and a table of benefits. The applicant is permitted to present a confirmation letter from the bank to ascertain that he has insurance with the bank. Applicants must also submit a copy of their table of benefits and credit cards. The minimum insurance coverage should be EUR 30 000. The travel insurance should cover the cost of repatriation in case of medical emergencies. The applicant must be issued a currency certificate by an insurance firm functioning in Australia or within the EU region.  

Flight Booking: The applicant must book a flight ticket and must also present proof of having secured a return ticket. If you want to get a return ticket before returning to the country, you can book an onward ticket directly from a real travel agent.

Provide your old passport: Applicants are required to present their old passport if they have any. 

Current passport:  The applicants must present a valid international passport with a minimum of six months validity on the date of travel. There should be at least two empty pages for marking.

Cover Letter: The applicant is required to submit a cover letter. In the cover letter, the applicant is expected to give detailed information about themselves and the people they are traveling with. 

Current documents: Applicants are expected to submit all the required documents for a visa application depending on the categories they fall:


The applicants who are employees are expected to submit the following documents:

  • You must submit an official letter from the employer stating that the applicant was duly permitted and given a leave of absence. 
  • A current bank statement not older than six months 
  • A current pay-slip 
  • Income Tax Return (income tax return) 


  • A self-employed applicant is expected to submit the following documents:
  • A copy of your Business registration certificate/license
  • Income tax return (ITR)
  • A company bank statement not earlier than six months


Students are to submit the following documents: 

  • You must submit an official letter from the school management indicating that you are up to date with the school and fully registered for the forthcoming semester. 
  • No object certificate from your University/ school
  • Retired civil servants are required to submit proof of their retirement statement of account.
  • Proof of Hotel reservation that will cover for days you will spend in the country. The embassy advises that you.

San Marino Visa Application Guideline

San Marino Launched the ASAN Visa in January 2017. A one-time electronic visa can be obtained for visits not more than 30 days. You can apply for this e-visa through the portal. The e-visa will be forwarded to your email within three working days after you must have made a nonrefundable payment of $20. The electronic visa application is meant to ease the stress of individuals, families ( not more than ten people), and groups ( at least ten people and a maximum of 300).

Visit the official website to apply for A San Marino evisa.

Screenshot 2020 12 11 San Marino Visa Information A Complete Guide to San Marino Visa Application
A Complete Guide to San Marino Visa Application
  1.  Applicants are to submit their application at the ASAN visa system alongside the required documents. They are to pay a $24 state fee. 
  2. The visa will be sent to the email address you used for registration. 
  3. Essential Requirement for San Marino Student eVisa

  For those applying for a San Marino student visa, the following documents will be required:

  • Send a scanned copy of your passport photo Page to the agency.  
  • A copy of a passport-sized photo
  • A copy of your onward and return ticket. 
  • A copy of a completed visa form. 

Note that this requirement is subject to change. 

As a result of the current Global pandemic, applicants are advised to reach out to the visa application team through phone calls or chat on how to drop off their application documents. 

To facilitate your visa application process, kindly visit the San Marino 

Screenshot 2020 12 11 Embassy Registration1 A Complete Guide to San Marino Visa Application
A Complete Guide to San Marino Visa Application

Embassy website to submit your application. 

San Marino COVID 19 Restriction Guide 

Screenshot 2020 12 11 Embassy Registration2 A Complete Guide to San Marino Visa Application
A Complete Guide to San Marino Visa Application

In a bid to contain the spread of the deadly global pandemic that has posed a significant threat to human life, the San Marino Department of health has put some precautionary measures to contain the virus’s spread. One of the precautionary measures they have put in place is the closing of the countries borders. The entry restriction affected virtually all countries except the following territories: the EU countries, the Schengen area, and the United Kingdom. Below is a summary of the COVID 19 restriction guide:

  • Travelers who have been to China, Italy, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, Iran, and France are not eligible to enter the country. Residents and citizens of Angola are not part of this entry ban. 
  • Travelers entering the country will have to run a covid 19 test, after which they will be asked to serve a fourteen days quarantine.
  • International commercial flights and other commercial vessels covering travelers will not be granted entry into the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is the most appropriate time to apply for my San Marino visa? 

You will be on the safer side if you apply for your San Marino visa a month or two months before your traveling date to forestall visa denial. 

Is there any San Marino Embassy in Nigeria?

There is no San Marino Embassy in Nigeria. Nigerians who want to visit the country are advised to contact the San Marino Embassy or consulate in any of the countries closest to them for their visa. 


 San Marino’s immigration rules are rigid and strict, and no one is allowed entry into the country without meeting the entry requirement for a visa unless you are a Uk, Canada, or USA passport holder. Thus giving the strict and rigid nature of San Marino’s visa immigration rules, the guide is meant to relieve you of the stress of processing your San Marino Visa application. In all, San Marino is an exciting place to visit. Although the country is one of the smallest in Europe, the Republic of San Marino is one of the best tourist destinations. The country boasts of being of the oldest republics in the world.


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