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Top 5 Places You Should Visit In Abu Dhabi


Before we talk about some fascinating places you should visit in Abu Dhabi, let’s take a little detour to know a bit more about Abu Dhabi itself. 

You probably didn’t know, but the Arabic words Abu Dhabi, in English, means “Father of the Gazelle.” According to the tales, a young antelope was in search of water. After walking some distance, it found freshwater. However, a wandering tribe has been following this young antelope to see where it leads. This site is now known as Abu Dhabi. 

What was once a desolate land has become one of the most industrious cities in the world. It is filled with luxuriant structures, sparkling waterfronts, and jaw dropping desert scenes. Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has given all those who have visited her a memorable experience.

Well, let us get down to business. Here are the five places you just have to visit if you ever find yourself in Abu Dhabi. 

Let the countdown begin!

In no particular order, here are five fascinating places you should visit in Abu Dhabi

1 – Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi
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Visitors to Abu Dhabi stand in awe as they take a look at the fascinating structure. Adorned using beautiful marbles from Macedonia, this mega structure attracts almost everyone visiting Abu Dhabi. For this reason, it is famous for being the most visited structure in Abu Dhabi.

This structure’s contemporary look and feel have been achieved through a fine merger of Ottoman, Fatimid, and Mameluke design patterns. This monumental structure has the highest capacity in the entire UAE, housing over 40,000 Islamic faithful during worship hours.

Visitors are allowed to explore the mosque, and you don’t have to be a Muslim to get the full experience. Guides can also be contracted to give you a tour you’ll never forget. 

That being said, whenever you’re in Abu Dhabi, you can visit the mosque and get the experience for yourself at Al Khaleej al Arabi Street, Abu Dhabi.

2 – Enter the Mangrove Forests

Abu Dhabi
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Suppose you’re looking at experiencing a more natural scenery, away from the numerous metal and glass structures that swarm the city of Abu Dhabi. Then this will be perfect for you. 

The mangrove forests give you that connection to nature you seek. In addition to being connected with nature, there are many kayaking tours you can be part of. If you haven’t tried kayaking before, there’s no need to shy away. There are tours for those with little or no experience and those who can qualify as pros. Either way, you’re sure to have a fantastic experience. 

During the tours, you also get a chance to learn more about mangroves and the positive role in our lives and society at large.

3 – The beautiful Louvre of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi
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When you hear the word “Louvre,” what comes to your mind? Paris, right? However, there is also a Louvre in Abu Dhabi, and it is nothing short of amazing. 

Before we talk about spectacular artworks the museum serves as home to, the dome’s structure is worth coming to visit. This magnificent structure is a beautiful piece of art.

On display at the Louvre, Abu Dhabi works of art from various human development stages, ranging from modern-day art to beautiful creations from the Neolithic era. To mention but a few, there are works of the iconic artist Picasso and beautiful monumental pieces from Egypt’s ancient city. 

For more information on this spectacular museum, you can click here to visit the official louver webpage. 

4 – The captivating Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi 

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Do you enjoy the thrill that comes with Formula One racing? Do you feel that rush of adrenaline as racers move at high-speed on tracks? And, would you like to try out your racing skills on a track or have your kids try out racing at tracks constructed just for kids? Well, search wishes no more. Abu Dhabi dedicates an entire park to formula one racing.

Asides from race tracks and the Junior GT for kids, the park offers other side attractions. It houses the tallest rollercoaster in the world (with a loop of 52-meters) called Flying Aces, running at speeds up to 120km per hour. The park also offers a tour of the Ferrari factory and on display, for all to see are several models of Ferrari cars, some dating back to the ’90s. 

Ferrari world is located at Yas Leisure Drive on the Yas Island. To see more of what this place has to offer, click here to view their official webpage.

5 – The Hospital for Falcons

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Well, this seems a bit weird; A hospital dedicated to falcons. It seems multimillionaires of the UAE sure love their birds. If you’re a lover of birds, you’ll find a visit to this place fascinating. 

The hospital takes care of falcons that have fallen ill or gotten injured. The facility also provides tours for visitors interested in learning more about falcons.

Additionally, you may have the opportunity to feed or hold the birds. This depends on the type of activities carried out at the facility when you visit. 

You can click here to visit the official webpage of the facility.


As we have seen, Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer to its visitors to keep them engaged and fascinated during their entire stay in the city. Next time you’re in Dubai or thinking of visiting the UAE, try Abu Dhabi.

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