AGS Fashion Design Competition 2021.

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Cultural displays form the hub of Africa’s Got Style Competition, which will have 108 contestants from 54 African countries, and just 5 winners.

Contest Name

Africa’s Got Style Fashion Design Competition.


Submission deadline is May 17th, 2021. May 30 2021 is slated for notification & announcement of all winners.

Description of the Contest

Africa’s Got Style (AGS), is an online freestyle fashion design contest for both concept stage and accomplished works, made by young, professional African designers, conceptualizers, or enthusiast.

The contest, open to all 54 African countries, aims to promote designers who can blend “African styles and textiles to create innovative designs.


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  • Corporate wears
  • Casual wears
  • Party wears
  • Dinner Wears
  • Sportswear
  • Uniforms/ Costumes


1. Open to all African fashion designers, or enthusiast

2. Applicants must be able to create innovative styles from traditional textiles and fabrics

3. Designs must fall under the stated clothing categories

4. All emerging fashion designers are urged to apply


1. 1st Prizes: $1000

2. 2nd prize $500

3. 3rd prize $300

4. Brand launch and promotion for all winners

5  The 5 winning designs to be showcased on AGS Global Fashion Magazine

6.  Winners to appear in AGS TV viewed worldwide

Contest Structure

There are 3 rounds, where 2 photos of designs will be posted in AGS online platforms, for voting and selection in the first round.

In round two, the 54 nominees will submit 2 designs of the same quality but different styles in one week. Then in round 3, twenty nominees will submit a video clip showing how they’ll breakgrounds with African fabrics and styles.

How To Apply

1. Open the application website

2  Fill-in the form and attach your fashion sense board  

3  Attach pdf presentation stating the inspiration & story behind your design, materials used and how they were sourced.

4. Each entry, entirely, must be an original concept by the applicant but not necessarily sewn same. Application is free

Application Website

Click Here For on Contests

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