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Allegheny Adds More Study Abroad Opportunities To Its Catalogue


To provide additional options for students pursuing a more comprehensive range of majors, Allegheny College is increasing the number of study abroad opportunities it offers.

To locate study abroad programs that best match the college curriculum and allow students to obtain credit for their experience, faculty members traveled to several destinations worldwide. The new program venues include Florence, Siena, and Rome in Italy; Cork and Dublin in Ireland; and Stockholm, London, and Copenhagen in Denmark.

Since March 2022, Assistant Dean for Global Education Brita Doyle has spearheaded the drive to establish new programs, outlining the selection process for both sites and programs.

About Allegheny Study Abroad Opportunities

“These programmes, I believe, address a number of scholarly and geographic gaps in our current programming that have existed for a while,” stated Doyle. For instance, as you may know, the United Kingdom is the most popular country in the country for American students studying abroad, and Allegheny did not have a programme there.
According to Doyle, the London-based programs are designed to immerse theatre and English majors in a vibrant metropolis while covering academic gaps.

Doyle stated, “Italy is the second-most popular country in the United States for study abroad students, and Allegheny has never offered a semester-long program there.” “Our business and economics students will benefit from the programs we have chosen in Italy, particularly the program in Rome, which will enable them to pursue opportunities overseas.”

Business-oriented programs are offered in Florence, while computer science students can enroll in programs in Siena. The programs that have been chosen are in English to help with potential language hurdles.

Paula Burleigh, an assistant professor of art, received an invitation, along with many other educators, to participate in a program offered by Geographic Information Systems that allowed educators to visit their campuses in Copenhagen and Stockholm. The event assessed the institutions’ potential for integration with home institutions.

Burleigh said, “I think it’s a really amazing programme; both campuses in Stockholm and Copenhagen offer just an amazing array of cultural opportunities in addition to being academically rigorous.” “Visiting and observing the courses with curriculum related to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies piqued my interest in particular.”

According to Burleigh, “they have courses in history, art, and other humanities in addition to STEM.” “They really well incorporate site visits and travel into their curriculum, so you will visit nearby museums and take in the cities.” If tou are interested in finding scholarships, you can also check out the  STEM to Arts Canadian scholarships 2024.

By February 20 at 5 PM, students who wish to study off-campus in the autumn must submit their application through the Global Education website.

Allegheny College is aware of the tremendous benefits that studying off-campus, whether domestically or abroad, offers regarding academics, careers, and personal growth. Allegheny College offers semester- and year-long programs, some of which have no language prerequisites and others that demand proficiency in languages other than English. In addition, Allegheny supports major-specific programs, internship programs, and community service options.


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